Friday, December 12, 2014

Looking Forward: 2015 Almanack: Notable Events.


  • January 1 - BBC still involved in crisis following events of Mrs Brown's Boys' Christmas Special Afterparty (BBC 3 New Year's Eve). Co-Allition (Conservative) MP demands review of BBC Charter.  Christopher Biggens refuses to comment.
  • January 1 - US Reconaissence flight over Syria, shot down by 'Rogue Drone'. 
  • Most watched Christmas / New year British TV programme is "Doctor Who: The Last Christmas" with 9m on Overnights. It is knocked off the 12 day rewatch topspot by the Mrs Brown's Boy's Christmas Special Afterparty, until this is pulled by BBC lawyers following the law suits. 
  • Early February – Box Office Reciepts for The Hobbit: Battle of The Five Armies pass £9.7m placing it just under The Lion King. Additional revenue will take it to £1.2b by Dec 2015. 
  • March 10 - The ghost of John Ogilvie - a Catholic Priest hanged in 1615, is reported to be haunting the Scottish Parliament. Embarassingly, an exorcist is called in, despite Ogilvie having been hanged in Glasgow, and having been 5 inches taller than the reported apparition. Visiting US college kids discover truth (March 14).  
  • April 21 - delays to cross-rail announced. Junior minister of Transport resigns. Rumours of scandel involving parliamentary researcher(s) investing in Building Companies are raised, but are never substantiated. 
  • May 7 - UK General Election
  • May 8 - Results.
  • 69.8% Turnout, up from 65.1% 2010
  • Conservative Seats 282
  • Labour 264
  • Liberal Democrats 45
  • UKIP 24
  • Greens 5
  • Parliament formed Labour / Liberal Decocrat Co-Allition (with Green support on an issue by issue basis).
Detailed results in next Almanack Page.

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