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An Unwritten Missing SBJ and Lawrence Miles






(Alternative title: The Evolution of Monsters)


A THIRD DOCTOR  NOVEL OCCURING  AFTER THE SEA DEVILS ………….(but see note at end for possible alternative Doctors, and placement discussion).


26-27 chapters of approximately 3000 words per chapter, Prologue & Epilogue of 2,500 words each.

Total  80,000 - 85,000.


General summary.  


The Eocene period: 40 million years ago.


It is the age of the Silurians; society is structured; placid; ritualistic, and doomed.  The Silurians have preserved a uniquely stable culture across millions of years, by carefully limiting their breeding. This is partly natural, partly political  (when Silurians take in calories below a certain level per day they become male; thereby increasing hunter’gatherer capacity while decreasing production of children unsuited for trekking – this evolutionary adaption from the periods of the great extinctions has prevented their over-use of global resources), and led to a Samuri-like culture containing both great beauty, and casual (though ritually limited) violence. 


Concern for the preservation of the race, for their capacity to spread out and re-populate the world after the coming projected near Collision – when a more rapid capacity to re-establish breeding stock may be needed – has lead one scientist – Academic Oolpas  - taking advantage of the isolation offered by an approved World Government  project to embark on a daring experiment.  He has the backing of a number of aging reptiles in the Government who believe he is working on life-extension, and that his work will enhance their chances of surviving suspended animation; which is a new development, and is still risky enough that even a small failure rate could decimate ranks of the ancient ruling class.


The project is an anciliary one to the survival shelters, [The shelters were built/excavated generations before as soon as the existence of previous cometary and asteroidal impacts long recorded in Silurian holy writ were understood for what they were.  Unlike mankind when discovering a long-term need Silurians begin to address it; they do not put the present ahead of the future.  <There is also a Silurian project, they joke among themselves, to stop the Sun dying.  It has been in existence for half a million years, and has as yet not reached a conclusion>]. The official project underway is the placing of a Silurian colony in space on Toro, Earth’s moonlet, a tiny body –nb check the accuracy of this, it was mentioned in the science section of a Dr Who annual I read as a child and may not actually exist, if not I’d like it to be real in the Whoniverse, but if it does in our world I’ll get the science right) to monitor the impact and direct from outside the re-vivication of their race after the passing of the asteroid.  In a vast dome, the maintenance of a completely closed environment – a testbed for preserving Silurian life on other worlds - has left a group of twelve Silurians and their experimental subjects, at the mercy of Academic Oolpas.


He has identified a point in evolution where he believes life on Earth took a wrong turning, he intends to put things right.


The Dome, covers a whole tropical island, and is 100% sealed.  It was originally a test-bed for Martian colonies, [Silurians lack the means to travel into space beyond orbit, (Giant augmented, ptetradon, space-shuttles do low orbit work, imagine Flintstones in Space) [Check if they had graviton in pre-history in Bloodheat?] but that wouldn’t stop them testing how to survive somewhere, ten thousand years before working out how to get there]. To Oolpas it is merely a test-tube, and so are its twelve inhabitants, including himself.  He is a fanatic for his species; and has no personal ambition, if anything this makes him more dangerous.


The Doctor has travelled back to Silurian Earth, after the end of the Sea Devil Incident, hoping that he can cut the gordian knot of Silurian territorality by learning enough about them to broker a treaty with the next nest to revive, with [His companion, Jo Grant or Sarah Jane do you have a view?  Liz Shaw would probably be pleased to be asked given her involvement in the Wenley Moor Business]


However, he has been discovered, and after (off screen) assisting the Silurian government in some matter [or having learned of some future help he has already given them in the past, cf Dragonia] he has been co-opted, (with a threat of force?) to sit in on the initial phase, a three month ‘limited access’ shakedown, after which the Dome will be time-locked for one year.  [This is around 1 1/2 years before impact; the Silurians have a calculation of the “small planet’s” (the Moon’s ) passage through the Solar System, a long ellipse) that points to a near passage to Earth on or around 1 1/2 years hence +/- thirty one hours,  it will be visible in the final months of its approach].  <Silurian Radio telescopes are giant flocks of soaring pteradactyls; the migration sensors in their brains adapted to receive and respond to radio signals from space, Scientists watch their modified flight patterns like auguries to read off the in-coming data>.  (Timing from novelisation of The Silurians, never discussed on screen.).


The Doctor’s presence (as the thirteenth Silurian at the project, or as some snidely remark, the forty fifth ape) looks likely to hinder Oolpas experiments and Oolpas arranges - through his backers - for a series of mock alien incursions designed to draw the Doctor’s, and the World Government Strategic Militia’s, attention away from the biosphere.  [These are first a red-herring, and then comedy, as the Silurian media-expert’s (referencing the camp Silurians of Happy Ending?) ideas of extra-terrestrials – the ideas remember of a culture of Samuri lizards - clashs with Sarah Jane (or Jo’s real experience [as the Doctor absorbed in his scientific work, and believing the sightings to be misunderstandings or something akin to Millenium Panic Syndrome thinks she will be quite safe, but this strand also feeds an important sub-plot namely an external threat to breach the Dome].


Oolpas’s diversions, ultimately fail, but they distract the Doctor long enough for Oolpas’s experiment to take effect. He hopes to change the nature of Siluriankind making it – as he thinks - more adaptable, and better able to cope with the ecological disasters of the Post Asteroid Pass Earth.  However, what he has produced kills, but before it kills it changes. 


Inside Dome Island, the Doctor may be able to contain the horrors of the Silurian’s own creation, but outside the events staged by Oolpas’s agents have attracted considerable media attention, and a cult is beseiging the habitat – lead there by its supposed status as the World Government’s Secret Science City.  Secretly funded by Oolpas’s backers the cult is another distraction, but among the, mostly, harmless cultists are a group of eco-terrorists are threatening to destroy the habitat and Sarah (Jo) who is in their hands (claws) and the Militia may not be able to stop them in time.  [The eco-terrorists do not believe in the Asteroid considering it a plot to force the population into shelters only to be revived one at a time, branded with the unholy mark of Urmugstatlur (check spelling) and set to work as slaves while in things like the Dome (in their view the first prototype of a them-and-us arkologies, in which the elite will be the beneficiaries of the only unspoiled land and the poor will inherit the waste-dumps and the toxins). (Even Silurian Earth has them but it has taken them millions not thousands of years to reach a late 19th century level of hard industrialisation)].  If the Dome is breached the viral mediated changes to the Silurian (and the Ape) genome could spell the end of the future of humanity as we know it.  [The cult quotes from Silurian equivalent of Revelation as needed].




SCIENCE! Sometime after 530 million years ago, the different phyla “locked” – thereafter the range of viable mutations available to each organism were limited to the “set” available to that phylum.  The scientist – villain – of the proposal has worked out a way to turn off the inhibitors in the genome, “to free the inherent potentiality of the past history of each cell”.


The lock was an evolutionary benefit, by giving a reduced grab-bag of available mutations (this is a minority theory cited by Stephen Jay Gould in his book on the Burgess Shale – the strata in which Hallucigenia and other extra-current phyla arthropods were found -, Wonderful Life) it increased the chance of the retention of mutually enhancing groups or patterns of development.


Silurians and Apes affected by the drug Hallucigenia gain the ability to change their limbs/bodies into other shapes, this is a recapitulation in redundant DNA of the evolutionary chain, but it will – the Doctor realises become fully active only with the next generation; at which point the infinite plethora of differently shaped forms will probably cause the largest extinction ever, as instinct, breeding and feeding patterns collapse in a flurry of utterly different off-spring. 






Chapter by Chapter Synopsis




Burgess Shale fossils are stolen from a Museum-Temple – by Oolpas’s agents,  Ninja, mission impossible action with Silurians in what seems like a modern museum on Earth, until the scene pulls back to show it is the highly ornate Temple Of The Contemplation Of Earth Spirits in the Silurian Capital.  [Reason for theft, nuclear dating of fossils can give Oolpas a precise time/space fix from which to acquire living material using an experimental time-scoop, built by the Silurians after a number of vanishing farmed Dinosaurs alerted them to the possibility of things being moved through time.]


Chapters 1,2,3,4, & 5  (Episode 1)


A Silurian triad, male, female, young go to the botanic and animal gardens. There in the Ape House an odd new specimen seizes the chance to scratch symbols in the dirt and whisper to the child when its parents are distracted.  This is the Doctor’s companion, lost and captured by naturalists – not wishing to risk dissection she is holding back speech in reserve with adult zoologists, but believes she can persuade the child to help her (as in Free Willy etc).  However, the child informs his father – who hears the companion speak and mutters something about the Blind Ape Of Truth (This is a bad omen referred to in the Book Of The End Times, an ancient Silurian religious text dating back to the great Ice Treks).  He has some importance (not explained here) and arranges for the companion’s release into his custody.  [He is an official in a religious cult important later in the plot] and intends to train the companion to utter prophesies that will enhance his status in the cult.


The Doctor is flown by engineered Pteradon to Dome Island in the company of one of the Silurian World Stategic Militia he has already impressed their military with his grasp of their problems in managing global knowledge of the predicted near asteroid miss 5 years hence.  He is heavily bandaged, as per invisible man (although he strips these off as soon as he can) as his features are causing discipline problems among the troops.

[h’I didn’t enlist to take orders from no bloody Ape!].  He re-states his concern about his missing companion, and the Military Leader [Name?] re-affirms that he is doing all he can to locate her.  He reminds the Doctor that resources are scarce and that the search could be ended, if for example matters here were in-expertly handled, and required military intervention.  Terrorists have issued threats aimed at the Dome, and there have been odd events, and sightings of strange animals. Implicitly the Silurians have the TARDIS.  We get the impression that the Doctor landed in a hunting preserve and got netted, choosing capture to let COMPANION escape.


Arriving At Dome Island the Doctor is favourably struck despite himself by the architecture and scale of the project.  He meets Academic Oolpas who impresses him with his concern for the future of Siluriankind,  although the Doctor wonders aloud if this is to be found in increasingly air-tight boxes.  Academic Chandrukhra snubs the Doctor, and Oolpas apologises for his attitude, he objects to the military presence of the World Militia [Needs acronmyn?] which is on site until “lock-down” to safeguard the Government’s interests in space technology.  The Doctor notices that Chandrukhra was very anxious to reach a sluice room, and sees her scrubbing at her hands through the sluice room window before Oolpas ushers him on.  He also notices that Oolpas has a globe in his desk that when activated by thought – as by a third eye – but the Doctor can do it if he has time to concentrate, changes to depict continental drift eventually showing Silurian not Eocene land masses (the Silurian period 437 million years pre now (not 200 million as stated in the Silurians) is the time of the Burgess Shale animals) this is a clue tying Oolpas to the events of the prologue.


On a nearby island a fisherman (whose harbour on Dome Island was compulsorily sequestered

by the State to make way for the Dome) is grumbling as he drinks in the local equivalent of a pub – a sort of sweat lodge come brewery.  [Given the Samuri life-style is there Silurian Kareoke?].  He is pestered by two media reptiles who are looking for a landowner who allegedly reported a Mystery Beast sighting to the local papers and hence to the Press of Oddities (The Eocene’s Fortean Times).  He begins by being very cagey and holds out for a round of drinks, before sending them off to a particular harbour across the fields.  One of his crony’s takes him to task because its miles, through mud and silage and the poor fools won’t see anything.  ‘Oh they will,’ the fisherman says, ‘they will!’ and pulling out a high tech device makes a report.


In the Dome there is a near explosion caused by a problem with oxygen regulation but Sub-Academic Lainen (Female Silurian companion for this adventure) believes she has solved it. She is not pleased when the Doctor avuncularly corrects her figures in passing.   A mysterious figure is shown using receiving a call (implicitly from the fisherman) and relaying orders to arrange a “happening”.  The Military Leader is informed of a Mystery Beast signing in the area.  [Note Mystery Beasts are the Silurian equivalent of UFOs – having kept some dinosaur strains viable through the great cold; they have a species wide “regret” for the forms they did not save, and sightings often with mystical implications are common. Silurian Occultists talk of ABCD’s Alien biologically conserved dinosaurs].

In the cult’s power, COMPANION is confronted by such a creature.


Chapters 6,7,8,9 & 10 (Episode 2)


The creature is revealed to be faked; Silurian animatronics and operators in skins, a test kept for initiates.  (Silurian race memory can be triggered by Dinosaurs just as ours can by them) Dinosaur handling is therefore a specialist skill done by psychologically trained reptiles.  Sudden exposure to dinosaurs outside of controlled conditions is a standard Silurian mind-breaking technique.

The Cult Leader – who seems sympathetic tells (COMPANION) about the great fraud the Government is planning, it’s new world order.  Frozen serfs to be thawed out as needed, ruling class in the sun, basking on their ceremonial flat rocks of power.  He needs COMPANION to help strike a blow against it. [If Jo she considers telling him truth is Gov are right but doubts he would listen, if SarahJ may not be aware of Silurian history, if so will be angry at Doc for not briefing her properly, prone to jump to conclusions, if Liz cautious and scientific sees through faked creature quickly].  COMPANION asks about the Doctor – has he been captured too? She confides how they were separated.  The Cult Leader asks about the Doctor, and COMPANION’s species.  She hedges leaves out her future origin but makes out a claim to be alien.  He appears impressed but really considers her a biological construct perhaps planted by the Militia, as bait, perhaps a rival’s work. 

Still, she will serve him.


The poor media-reporters are scared out of their wits by a giant mysterious creature (having had the description in 6 however, readers can tell this is just a much better funded fake. However, the Militia diverts strength to investigate, and a boat is lost.  Early Godzilla movie feel here, journalists, superstitious islanders, mysterious events. 


Sub-Academic Lainen shows the Doctor various abandoned projects – ones that will now not come to fruitition because of the small planet, she detects a certain cageness about the subject when it is raised.  Equally the Doctor avoids telling her his origin, only that he has come from another world to talk to the Government and that if trouble-shooting this project ensures their trust he will do it. He confides in her his worries for COMPANION.  She agrees, displaying the strong traits of the female Silurian towards tenderness to all lost offspring.  [The other projects include, a journey to the far-side of the Sun where a counter-Earth has been detected which they call Mondas, replacement of the aged parts of the body with mechanical devices – this has been rejected by the Science Board as unethical – a prototype timescoop “just as much of a botch-up as Whitikers” The Doctor says - and partial re-engineering of the Silurian form to conquer Mars].  Lainen decides that the Doctor must be from Mondas: a world where evolution has reversed and Apes not Reptiles are dominant. A kind of Planet of The Apes.  There are legends of visitors from Mondas in Silurian oral-history.  She confides this theory to Academic Oolpas who is worried by it.  Then a scream rings out….


A Silurian vetinarian working in the Dome on one of the test apes’ to deliver its offspring, is dismembered by the hideous shrieking thing that issues forth.  Finding the body the Doctor and Lainen identify ape-tissue in the wounds, but also the bite marks of three distinct types of teeth.  The Militia begin a full search of the Dome, but it has square miles of oxygen-producing forests.


The child Silurian and COMPANION attempt to escape from the cult’s encampment on (as it turns out one of the islands). COMPANION is starting to show signs of illness. Not psychological but actual changes to bone structure of hands, a kind of regression.  The child tries to calm her; but she is hyper-ventilating, and her skin is splitting.


Chapters 11,12,13,14 & 15 (Episode 3)


The child turns to see COMPANION and finding a partly mutated version tries to drive her back with it’s third eye.  COMPANION falls backward off a cliff edge.  Looking down the child sees her on a ledge, and goes for help. She meets the media Silurians who have landed on the island in an attempt to gain an interview with the cult leader, a famous Silurian novelist and philosopher, now the guru of a heavily armed cult composed of Silurians who have reputedly voluntarily starved themselves into a third-state; an especially militant and aggressive form.  The child takes them to the cliff edge but – COMPANION is gone, leaving only distorted – and too large tracks on the cliff escarpment.

A Silurian soldier searching the Dome is bitten by a 3-headed thing, and begins to show symptoms like those of COMPANION.   In the Dome, the Doctor has isolated what appears to be an active agent, but is baffled by the fact that it hasn’t existed on Earth for almost 400 million years.  He starts to explain to Lainen but is interrupted by the arrival of a raving Academic Chandrukha who’s hands have taken on a life of their own, the skin writhing and twisting over the bone beneath.  The Doctor is forced to use Venusian karate to knock him out, despite his wild and manic use of this 3rd eye to cause horrible hallucinations in the Doctor. [Of dying in the dust perhaps?].  Lainen and the Doctor restrain him, and confirm that the tissue changes in his hands are driven by a similar micro-organism.


Elsewhere; in the ocean, fish dart away from some vast form. [Waking with Dinosaurs pastiche, icthyosaur scares fish only to be sacred in turn by something uncanny].


Cult members, surround Dome Island in stolen Naval Devil ships, demanding an end to the abominations within.

The media-couple with the child in tow, are present as one of the ships is dragged bodily under the waves, and a giant mammalian head breaks the surface of the water.



Chapters 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 (Episode 4)



Militia Leader runs into Dome lab to report someone has turned the Apes loose and they are all changing.

The Doctor is adamant that the Apes be recaptured, if one escapes into the wild the whole future of life on the planet could be affected.  The Militia Leader puts this down to hyperbole but Lainen realises that the Doctor is not from Mondas but the future, a future in which by implication her people can play no great part.

Her third eye begins to glow as she considers boiling his brain in his skull.  Ending the future here and now.


The Militia Leader moves to intervene, stopping Lainen with a blow to the nerves in her shoulder.  Face of the future or not he regards the Doctor as too useful a resource to be wasted.  The military have always faced up to death, they do not fear extinction. They have their duty.


That, a voice says, is just as well!  The Militia leader falls, burned down from behind by Oolpas who is holding an experimental laser gun from the display cases in the main hall.  Threatening the Doctor with the gun

Oolpas tacitly admits his actions and demands help. Only the Doctor can correct the errors in Oolpas’s experiment and hence (in Oolpas’ view) guarantee the survival of the Silurian race.  Oolpas does not believe the small planet will pass the Earth with no effects beyond those of its gravity, he believes it will shower Earth in nuclear-winter causing debris, resulting in a million years of chaos before the eco-system reasserts itself. To survive and flourish in that environment, Silurians will need to breed rapidly and be more passionate, maybe even more brutal.  The Doctor tells him that he’s nothing more than a butcher, and that he won’t see any thinking race treated as so much meat.  Incensed, Oolpas injects Lainen with his drug before the Doctor can stop him, and taunts the Doctor to save her life by discovering the error-factor that is mistriggering the genetic changes he wishes to create.


The 50ft creature is the Doctor’s companion, mutated by some as yet unexplained force – [this is the effect of the changes to the timeline which will occur if all her ancestors are subjected to the Hallucigenia Virus, altering ever more wildly with each generation ].   The Cult – prepares to fire on the creature considering it the true Beast who’s coming foretells the End Days.  However, the Cult leader’s child pleads with him to restrain his followers.

Telling him that COMPANION is in pain from the transformation and not responsible for her actions.

                The Cult Leader tries to contact someone on his communicator (Oolpas).


The Doctor takes advantage of Oolpas’s distraction to heft the unconscious Lainen over his shoulder and run for it, snatching a bag of medical equipment supplies on the way [better make this a hand-portable auto-medic demonstrated to him earlier as he needs to improvise a cure with its contents and we have to make it seem possible].

Groggily Oolpas stirs and he reaches for the laser gun as the Doctor darts out of the room, only to be seized when a giant ape hand, crashes through the Dome and grabs him.






Chapters 21, 22, 23, 24 & 25 (Episode 5)


Recognising that the beast has Oolpas – who has been channeling funds to the Cult, the Cult leader orders his followers to open fire, explaining to his child that it is just a big animal and in pain. It would be an act of mercy to destroy it.

                Resounding squishing of Cult leader, by beast. Oolpas is thrown to one side, and believed dead at this point.

                Resourceful Silurian child uses sounder to make dinosaur noises, causing beast to retreat.


In the forests of Dome island, the Doctor works to save Lainen; while around the campfire circle of light, mutated and mutating Apes draw closer.


In the Dome, the Militia Leader staggers to his feet.  His communicator buzzes and the carnage of the Beast’s attack is reported to him.  He gives the order to call in elite special forces the Gojira Elite Riders; Silurians on Godzilla scale dinosaurs from the deep sea trenches.  [Make this as like a Saturday morning cartoon “power-up” sequence as possible.  Go Go Gojira Riders!!!]  He orders a full withdrawal form Dome Island.  The Gojira Elite will destroy the island and the contamination with it. [And the Doctor and Lainen and the Beast/Companion but that’s a small price to pay].


Lainen is recovering and the Doctor has almost calmed the frantic Apes with his Venusian lullaby, when the massive beast passes by scaring them away.  Lainen’s communicator crackles to life, warning her to flee if she can; as the Island will be destroyed in minutes.


The Doctor had made a lasso from vines to catch an Ape earlier (so as to check the process of the virus in its body) [NB insert this into earlier narrative], with this he lassos one of the bone spurs of the beast, and climbs up with Lainen.  They will ride the beast to safety moments ahead of the bombs.  The Doctor ties Lainen into the beast’s hair for safety, a kind of big cat’s cradle, and climbs up its back, intending to inject a kill-or-cure dose of his anti-serum into its pineal gland.


Oolpas swims ashore onto the island, just as a wave of nuclear fire sweeps over it.



Chapters 26, 27 (Episode 6)



The anti-serum courses through the Beast’s veins, retarding the process as the Doctor hangs on for grim death.

But is it that or the Militia Leader’s nuclear bombing of Dome Island that reverses the process – by removing the ancestral contamination?  [Not COMPANIONs direct ancestors but ancestors of contamination vectors that would infect her ancestors].  Is it even the pleading face of the Silurian projected from the Naval vessels. (oh please, It’s so embarrassing it must work). Maybe a consequence of all three. Whatever the cause, COMPANION changes back, and the Doctor, Lainen and Companion are picked up by the Navy.


At the Militia Leader’s recommendation the Doctor writes sealed orders and diplomatic instructions to be placed in the sleep-shelters, which he suggests be set to revive their occupants in the mid 21st century.  He is forced to exclude certain shelters; which have already gone into hibernation.  A cache of living genetic material from the Burgess Shales is found in the ruins of Dome Island. 




Page of Oolpas journal. Before his death he has already injected random sleeping Silurians and Sea Devils in the shelters that have already closed with drugs to make them into “better warriors”.  [Sets up sequel, also partly explains why Young Silurian in the Silurians is quite so obviously raving mad!]


The Doctor introduces the living burgess scale material to a genetic-dead end biosphere at the far side of the Galaxy, in five hundred million years it may produce another human species or something quite different. He’ll have to remember to look them up sometime.



NOTE OTHER DOCTORS that could be used if the 3rd is over-subscribed:  The 5th Just after Warrior’s Of The Deep, looking for that “other way”.  Increased role for companions, split them – one with Doctor, two in zoo (to split later one with child/media people, other to mutate into 50ft beast – Tegan as the others are not of Earth stock).  ATTACK OF THE 50FT AUSTRALIAN.  (Is is an australopithicene Doctor?  Turlough asked,  ‘Well almost!’, the Doctor replied.)


The 8th A Modest Proposal - I understand that The Burning will leave open the question of whether the 8th Doctor could have had other “missing adventures” in Earth’s history before that novel begins;  why not go the whole hog and give him one 40 million years before?  At the end he could jury-rig a Siluirian sleep-capsule to take him forward to the date of the next chronological missing adventure!  This would require re-ploting to merge the companion/Doctor experiences, but would still work.  The Doctor could begin in the zoo….etc, etc, he could have a Silurian companion, and a human timescooped from “a hideous alternate Ape filled future” by Oolpas, and given to the cult as their Blind Ape Of Truth.




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The Shapes of Night (A ghazal)


In mist they rose, in mist they moved: the shapes of night,
Through fogbound fen the dark unloved: the shapes of night.
Out of the aged, wounded ground, as swift as shadows cast by light 
Giving dark knowledge as a gift: the shapes of night.
Some change and howl when moon is bright 
Some croak the strange call of a toad - the shapes of night
Respond to both and yet still more, when time is right 
From books skin bound and fastened fast, the shapes of night
Impress on willing tongues the cast, the working of the powerful code 
That leaves the waning sun aghast. The shapes of night,
Are thin and lean and stretched and frail,
Self-worn as onion-skin or veil: the shapes of night.
And yet their students grow in might 
vampire, and lich and ancient ill - the shapes of night.
Fragile is evil's source, and sour - ancient as any hoarded spite 
The mewling serpents still devour: the shapes of night.
The suns go up, the suns go down, the gullets of the swallowing blight 
And all that ends, ends in their sway: the shapes of night
In their Processional we pass, we little motes of feeling light 
They teach us what we should not know: the shapes of night.
And thus the poet too is touched, and driven slowly mad with fright,
T'was Bucher-Jones who wrought this woe, embittered by the shapes of night.

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Captain Tom's 100 Challenge: In aid of the Integrated Neurological Services charity (INS)

 100 lines of poetry, written 01-02 May 2021

A 100 lines of poetry


Simon Bucher-Jones


(A Villenelle)
1                              The Moon's the pale reflection of the Sun
2                              It does not shine with its own light but yearns
3                              To give back all the love that it has won
4                              From that celestial fire, which is not done
5                              But for five billion years more, freely burns.
6                              The Moon's the pale reflection of the Sun
7                              We humans too (in all we have begun)
8                              Give back the warmth of sunlight. It returns
9                              To give back all the love that it has won
10                           Through plants, and flesh, to us, its warmth redone
11                           In chemical fire, in Earth and Earth's concerns.
12                           The Moon's the pale reflection of the Sun
13                           Our life's star-stuff and sun-light moved or spun
14                           A dance through space and time of many turns
15                           To give back all the love that it has won.
16                           Nor are our darknessess, a thing to shun
17                           Without the dark who 'gainst the light discerns,
18                           The Moon's the pale reflection of the Sun
19                           To give back all the love that it has won?             
                                (A Pantoum)
20                           Are we so fragile then, we human folk?
21                           That at a lightning stroke we fall away,
22                           Become less than we were, a broken yolk
23                           Spilled from the egg-cup of a dawning day?
24                           That at a lightning stroke we fall away,
25                           A golden thing, across the table cloth
26                           Spilled from the egg-cup of a dawning day?
27                           As irreparable as Humpty, or spoiled broth?
28                           A golden thing, across the table cloth
29                           Unfixable by any soldier's troop,
30                           As irreparable as Humpty, or spoiled broth?
31                           No. We are more than addlepated soup
32                           Unfixable by any soldier's troop -
33                           Incurious horses and more confused men.
34                           No. We are more than addlepated soup
35                           We have our own strength still, to fix and mend:
36                           Incurious horses and more confused men,
37                           May be themselves made better, taught to heal.
38                           We have our own strength still, to fix and mend:
39                           Helping, we then help others, and they too
40                           May be themselves made better, taught to heal.
41                           Paid on, our gifts, repay in setting right
42                           Helping, we then help others, and they too
43                           Kindle their own small lights against the night
44                           Paid on, our gifts, repay in setting right
45                           The small silly mistakes we might have made
46                           Kindle their own small lights against the night
47                           For humanness is more than triumph's might
48                           The small silly mistakes we might have made
49                           Are valued by the Gods for their surprises!
50                           For humanness is more than triumph's might
51                           And from the yolk and eggshell, phoenix rises!
52                           We're valued by the Gods for our surprises!
53                           Become more than we were, a broken yolk
54                           For from the yolk and eggshell, phoenix rises!
55                           We are not fragile, we, we human folk.
                                (A Terzanelle)
56                           We all have one room curiously carved of bone
57                           Full of the veiled, lace hangings of ourselves
58                           What comfort reaches in to those alone:
59                           Who dust the empty spaces of those shelves?
60                           That is the gift that others may bestow.
61                           We all have one room curiously carved of bone
62                           But light, and sounds of hope, and life may grow
63                           The torn veils may yet be with care rewoven.
64                           What comfort reaches in to those alone:
65                           But slow baked kindness walm as bakery oven
66                           Gifts made with love, and with love freely given.
67                           We all have one room curiously carved of bone
68                           But helped, we may repair and mend the riven
69                           Parts of ourselves, until we too, are lights.
70                           What comfort reaches in to those alone?
71                           But those we give in turn through days and nights
72                           We all have one room curiously carved of bone
73                           Parts of ourselves, until we too, are lights,
74                           Whose comfort reaches in to those alone.
                                (A Sonnet)
75                           We are all flesh and flesh in time may fail
76                           But there is in us, that which may yet live
77                           The words and deeds we make may yet prevail
78                           For each of us has gifts we might give.
79                           Un-hoardable that wealth, for spent alone
80                           It shines, only when given light and air.
81                           Pend in a cell of iron, or crypt of bone
82                           It is not golden and it is not rare
83                           But only stuff and nonsense that decays
84                           To pass with antique flesh from ancient view,
85                           But set to use - is full of shining rays
86                           The light of which lies in recipient's gift!
87                           The poem's nothing - but for the reader's grace
88                           The poet nothing, but for their love’s face.
                                (A Clerihew)
89                           Doctor James Parkinson FGS
90                           Said to Mary (his wife) "I confess!"
91                           "I might have found a title more ballsey…"
92                           "For my 'An Essay on The Shaking Palsy' ".
                                (A Haiku)
93                           In the darkened trees
94                           The wood perceives nothing
95                           Yet, time brings dawn.
                                (A limerick)
96                           There was an old poet of Shanklin
97                           Who none of you need to be thanklin'
98                           These sort of tricky demands
99                           Make him rub his old hands
100                         If he's failed, he deserves a good Spanklin'

Friday, January 22, 2021

Coda to my story : Tomorrow ('s world) the (Roland) Rat in 'The Curse of Fanfic' (Obverse Books 2020)

‘You say this device actually recombined two creatures and split them into two other Entities each of which, retained some aspects of the other?  Well, I’m not surprised. The technical term for this lash-up is ‘hodge-podge!’ – the elegant expert technical advisor cracked his knuckles and rubbed his hands with professional eagerness.  ‘Not the first time, except possibly, hmm, well it depends how you look at it.  The same thing happened on Alpha 177, or will do.’

                ‘We called you in hoping there was still something that could be done Doctor…’ Hardy was a tall thin anxious man who had taken over M9 after ‘The Admiral’ had needed to be retired, and his voice trailed off as he realised his briefing had left this mysterious ‘Question-marked’ individual without even a codename.  ‘But that was before both Roland, and DM had expressed perfect satisfaction with their new lives.  Even if the process could be reverted, there is an ethical consideration.’

                ‘If ethics had been a consideration, this thing would never have been built,’ the Doctor said, severely – ‘but I understand it was only a prototype stolen from a more ethical project and subverted by someone I feel a certain responsibility for.  Luckily things are not so impossible as you might imagine.  Are you familiar with the idea of molecular-memory?  It’s postulated by charlatans and homeopaths to peddle water that recalls an infinitesimal fragment of vital medicine, while completely forgetting every other molecule its ever contacted, but like the Loch Ness monster or the Minotaur there’s at least a grain of truth in the myth.  It’s one of the reasons for ghosts, as they discovered at Taskerlands, and a proper, ah, sonic stimulation, can throw the machinery into reverse, so to speak.  We will need to add an appropriate amount of basic chemicals to this end but…’

                The procedure was somewhat hair-raising, but the Doctor was as good as his word.

In a sequence that appeared as if time itself had been turned back upon itself, the raw (sadly too true) material was sequenced and resorted atom by atom, into the matrix retained by the SMALLRAT device.   Spacial Matter and Locally-Limited Relative Anthrophic Tranfiguration,’ the Doctor remarked proudly as a mouse, and a some what frazzled John Drake popped out of the device's input cage.

‘I will take charge of this little fellow,’ the Doctor scooped up the mouse.  ‘A course of vitamins A to Z, and I know an alternate world where he’ll be mighty among his own kind.  I’m afraid I don’t trust humanity with superior animals, they treat each other badly enough.  I hope you will be kind to your Mister Drake.  He’s had a trying time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought twice about carrying on in this line of work.’

Hardy thanked the annoying man, and showed him out, before summoning M9’s own medical staff to take charge of Drake.  It was good to have recovered the agent intact, the necessary paperwork for death by molecular subdivision was not only horrendous, it didn’t even exist yet. Easier by far to retain the original, and list DM and Roland as new anomalous individuals.  And while it was true that Drake had been troublesome of late, and his status was due for review, his resignation - if it came to it - would not be impossible to deal with.  He could always be sent to play chess with the Admiral.                     


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Draft SCP (Comments should be addressed to SCP sandbox copy)


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Safe.

Special Containment Procedures: A lead lined, double thickness plywood hinged screen in two halves will be maintained, over the surface of SCP-XXXX so as to prevent light reaching its surface. The screen join will be sealed with red-sealing wax and marked with a sigil selected from the Little Albert grimoire[1].  Opening of the seal for experimental purposes will be made with a small silver knife[2], and SCP-XXXX resealed after an experimental cycle.  The same sigil will not be used sequentially. 

Experiments are not to exceed a duration of 1 hr per any single D-subject within any 24 hr period.  Experimental time unsealed is not to exceed 4 hours in total within any 24 hr period.  SCP-XXXX will be kept on a laboratory (or other) table whose surface is raised by blocks so as to present SCP-XXXX at head height to a seated subject.  Room containing table is not required to have specific dimensions/constriction but should be lockable and secure.  Video and audio feeds from the room should run to a lockable lab and no data be exported from there or held on networked equipment. Experimenters must be certified by 04-level or above. No 04 or above personnel will be present at experimentation.

Note: following incident SCP-XXXX-2-2 no experimentation will be carried out when the history of the D-subject is known to involve any performing arts, including amateur dramatics involving performance(s) to non-family members.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a make-up mirror of the kind found in theatre dressing rooms circa 1975, it is wood-mounted and can be tilted to within 0-25 degrees of its vertical position.  Three small electrical lights are mounted in the upper arch of the frame, and a further three each side.  The lights work when the mirror is observed even though no electrical cabling remains.  Attempts to remove the lights have proved impossible and they and the mirror are impervious to damage. The mirror is marked with a small brass plate on the reverse, reading:  Beautifully Reclaimed Items: Repurposed for A Cleaner World. There is no further slogan, logo, marker’s marks, or distinguishing feature.  While seemingly affixed with normal screws, the plate cannot be removed. 

When a subject sits in the chair in front of the mirror and applies theatrical make up[3] for more than 1 minute, the mirror begins to show not them, but a specific actor or actress, also applying make-up but in a different location.  The image becomes clearer over time and within 1-10 minutes, sounds of the location in which the make-up is being applied, including theatrical gossip, and anecdotes will begin to be heard by the subject.

Tests show this experience to be one of two kinds:

SCP-XXXX-1, the sound is objectively present, exterior to the subject and can be recorded by normal equipment. It is hypothesized that this represents a direct feed from the ‘observed’ events of remarks made with the surface of the mirror acting as parallel wormhole conduits permitting one-way light transmission and molecular buffering by sound waves.  Identified cases are set out in experimental logs.  It has been determined that in every case the production shown is one known to the subject, either as a member of the audience or because the production was sufficiently famous as to be generally memorable.  In the case of subjects with no interest in theatre, make-up trailers or rooms from film sets have been accessed by the subject.  Attempts to find a D-subject with no interest/memory in popular culture has proved difficult. A proposal to use selective amnesiacs in order to determine responses in such a case by removing such memories pre-activation of SCP-XXXX is before the Ethics Committee.

For recursive reasons set out below: it is impossible to fully detail SCP-XXXX-2 for experimenters on SCP-XXXX-1.  A portion of the briefing below is therefore sealed.

In instance SCP-XXXX-2, the sound is subjective, ie interior to the D-subject’s psyche, and cannot be heard by others nor recorded by normal equipment[4]. If this experience is not hallucinatory it may resent thoughts/stream of consciousness experience translated from the ‘observed’ actor.  However, while initially benign, or at least merely prurient, consisting of tittle-tattle and catty remarks about rival actors, the state of the production, and the quality of the dressing-rooms, after approx 30 min, there is 33.3% probability that the audio stream will begin to change.  The precise nature of that change is set out below and is not to be accessed unless any qualitative change is observed in the subject’s descriptions, such as the observed material moving to a depiction of a taking part in a rehearsal or an actual performance.


If the subject or any observing experimenter present has any knowledge of SCP-701, the material received by the subject will begin to form an impromptu rehearsal of SCP-701 believed to be that of University production of 1964.  Note this is to date the only identified transmission/reception from the mirror pre-dating circa January 1975.

Should this occur, the D-subject should be removed and terminated, and all experimentation cease for not less than 48 hrs.  As the experience is subjective, trigger points for this cut off will be a) the appearance in voluntary /involuntary vocalisation of any of the following lines/words (Incident Report SCP-701-19██-1), b) any attempt by the subject to write or transcribe their experiences, except in accordance with direct instructions, and any appearance in such transcripts of the lines or words contained in the above documentation.  This interaction with another SCP comprises the reason for the Euclid designation only occurs when observers having knowledge of SCP-701 is/are present either in the room with the subject or in the lab in which data is received.  Ironically knowledge of this precludes experimentation on SCP-XXXX-2, and no way has yet been determined to advise of the danger without directly causing it.  It is presumed that other mimetic SCPs that involve performances which require make-up could be accessed in the same way, but because of the difficulties in interpreting/accessing the subjective experiences of the D-subject, this has not yet been verified.


If SCP-XXXX-1 is prolonged (no safe point has been determined), the subject SCP-XXXX-1 will begin (depending on their sexual orientation, and their knowledge or otherwise of the ‘objects’ gender[5]) to fantasise that they are hearing not the recordable audio which may or may not remain mundane, but instead a profession of love for them, delivered by the actor in question.  Subjects experiencing this will require class-B amnesia treatments and/or psychotherapy to remove feelings of loss, unrequited love, and despair, on being made to relinquish their seat before the mirror.  Subjects experiencing greater than 1hr[6] will become functionally obsessed with a) observing their ‘love’ in the mirror and where this is impossible with ‘attaining’ their ‘loves’’ favour in real life to the exclusion of all other goals.  In the case of D-subjects whose field of action is naturally limited this can be merely an irritant, and is not in itself grounds for termination, but the circumstances of the mirrors retrieval by the Foundation suggests that outside of a controlled environment, matters can rapidly escalate.

Circumstances of Acquisition/History. 

The mirror was acquired by the Foundation after the kidnap of actor Miranda Gallin (stagename Gallowglass) 2018.  While Ms Gallin was recovered intact and unharmed, by police – her kidnapper Peter StCloud (a formerly reputable ex-fireman, and antique dealer) was shot during the siege of his house.  The mirror together with a room filled with Miranda Gallowglass memorabilia and photographs was found in the attic of the kidnapper.  Its anomalous properties were reported to the Foundation by detective Maries Salome who experienced a partial SCP-XXXX-1 while adjusting her lipstick at the crime scene before conducting an onsite tv-interview with New York journalists see Experimental Logs for detail.

The mirror’s history has been traced to the activities of Bethold Abrahams (1955-1989) an occultist and writer of a gossip column for the New York Herald, whose scandalous dissection of the New York theatre set, and the film world ended suddenly in 1989 when he was shot by the husband of Joan Fairbourne whose performance in Thoroughly Modern Millie on Boardway he had interrupted the week before with an unexpected and unlooked for profession of love for the performer during the second act.  Having no heir his possessions were auctioned, and the mirror (who’s provenance before his ownership is uncertain) was purchased by an antiques dealer, Carlos Van Buren, owner of Fitzgerald & Van Buren Antiques – from 1990:  The Julián Soler – Exhibit and Museum.  It is suspected that the change in function may be connected with Carlos experiencing an SCP-XXXX-1 event involving his ‘childhood’ idol the Mexican actor and film maker Julián Soler (1907-1977).  In his published introduction to the Museum, he describes the event that inspired him to dedicate his life to Julián’s memory, as a spiritual epiphany in which he experienced the final film of his idol: Las cinco máscaras y sus maestras. (1975).  This film appears to have no substantive existence with the final known film of Soler as director being: El Jibarito Rafael (1969).  The fire of 1990 which destroyed the museum and lead to Carlo’s own death, also revealed the body of his partner Alphonse Fitzgerald dead from five stab wounds and concealed in the cellar.  Unburned and undamaged in the fire SCP-XXXX was again sold, and acquired by Peter StCloud, who had attended the blaze as a member of the fire-crew dispatched.  It is unclear whether or not other disappearances between 1990 and 2018 may have resulted from usage of SCP-XXXX by Peter StCloud, and the source of the funding that enabled him to move from his manual position as a fireman to a realtively wealthy antiques dealer, is also unexplained. 


SCP-XXXX-1-0   Not a formal experimention.  Account of Detective Maries Salome.  I sat down to adjust my lipstick right? I was damned if I was going to have those make-up powder-puff girls from the news do me over.  The recovery of Miranda Gallin safe was a triumph, the shooting of the perp a potential downside, I was playing out in my head how to deal, and I got distracted so I might have sat in the chair in front of the mirror for a minute or two, you know? Then the room got all weird and chilly[7]and I heard voices and smelt tobacco smoke, and the mirror showed not me but Chris Evans dressed as a police officer. I recognised him from the films easily enough but also because I’d got two tickets for the show he was in ‘Lobby Hero’[8] and I was going to see it with ████ on the weekend coming.   As he was having his make-up done, I distinctly heard him say to the make-up girl doing it “I don’t know how real cops do this stuff, it must be awful to know you’ve got the power of life and death in your hands. Thank Christ I only have to act like I have.”  It was either conclude that I was going mad, or that this was some sort of SCP-shit.[9]

SCP-XXXX-1-1   01-07-2018  (Total duration of effect 35:27)

D-subject 8765 (F, lesbian) was first questioned under iris-dilation technology to identify from self-selected list of film actresses which were most attractive to her.[10]  Having completed questionnaire, and observation of selected images, she was requested to sit in the chair and make herself up.  Encouragement to take as much time as necessary was given.

After 1 min, 27 seconds – the mirror changed to show Jodie Foster being made-up.  Internal exidence and sound recorded identified make-up session as early in shooting of Panic Room (2002).  D-8765 expressed great excitement as ‘Wow she’s great, you know, I really had a crush on her in my teens, that’s such a fine film.’  When Jodie Foster[11] bitched about Nichole Kidman’s misfortune being her gain, D-8765 joined in calling Nichole a wimp for dropping out of the production and praising Foster for her dedication and commiserating with her for the end of her directoral time with Egg Pictures.[12] At 5 min, 38 seconds, the observed Jodie Foster began to respond to D-8765’s remarks confiding that Egg Pictures had been just a really thankless, bad job.  By 35 min, Jodie was encouraging D-8765 to confess her crimes and to make a clean break with her past, and implying that she would exert her influence to persuade the Foundation to let D-8765 return to society.   At this point as a possible security breach was in play[13] the experiment was discontinued.  D-8765 was disturbed for some weeks, and made a number of applications to resume experimentation/’talks with my pumpkin’.

SCP-XXXXXX-1-2   01-07-2018 (Total duration of effect 40:11)

D-subject 8766 (M, [self-identified] hetero) was first questioned under iris-dilation technology to identify from self-selected list of film actresses which were most attractive to him.   Having completed questionnaire, and observation of selected images, he was requested to sit in the chair and make himself up.  Encouragement to take as much time as necessary was given. Subject was resistant to idea of make-up but was advised that the materials were harmless, and that all actors, news-men, and politicians used such products. To which D-8766 replied ‘Damn pansies’.  

After 58 seconds – the mirror changed to show Neil Patrick Harris, being fitted with a long blonde wig and substantial make-up.[14]

D-8766 appeared embarrassed and ill at ease, and would have vacated the make-up chair except for the automatic restraints which were activated at this point.  D-8766 – ‘Hey, just ‘cause I aint got no rights no more because I killed those faggots doesn’t mean I got to watch this crap.  What are youse bastards makin’ out, that I like this stuff – I thought I was going to see some great women doing their stuff.’

For approx 37 minutes the audible dialogue between Neil and the make-up technicians was amiable and general in tone, with Neil being effusive in praise of both the Director and his co-stars. At 37.02 however Neil addressed D-8766 directly: ‘You know I can tell you’re hurting. That’s why you did it you know. You weren’t angry with them not really. You were angry with yourself for what they made you think of, what they made you feel.  No one will ever love you until you realise that.  I can’t love you.  No one will be able to.  So, you saw the show five times, what did you think? I mean you thought I was hot, right? 

At this point D-8766 broke his restraints and inserted the handle end of a make-up brush into his right-eye, causing non-fatal damage to his frontal lobe.  D-8766 was later terminated.

SCP-XXXX-2-1   01-07-2018  (Total duration of effect 55:00)

D-subject 8767 (F, bi) was first questioned under iris-dilation technology to identify from self-selected list of film actor/actresses which were most attractive to her.   Having completed questionnaire, and observation of selected images, she was requested to sit in the chair and make herself up.  Encouragement to take as much time as necessary was given.

After 20 min, no apparent change had come over mirror, but D-8787 was happily making-up and adjusting her image, and laughing softly to herself while doing so.  After 22 min, Experimenter asked D-8767 to explain why she seemed so happy.  Oh, Ellen is just so funny,’ she said, ‘I mean listen to her.’  D-8767 was persuaded to recount what she was hearing. A number of showbiz annecdotes were transcribed which have been sourced to several interviews with Ellen Degeneres.  After 45 min D-subject refused to comment further on her apparent subjective state, but capillary responses suggested happiness and arousal.  Experiment terminated following an apparent orgasm on D-8767’s part.

SCP-XXXX-1-3   01-07-2018  (Total duration of effect 1:24)

D-subject 8768 (M, asexual) was first questioned under iris-dilation technology to identify from self-selected list of film actor/actresses which were most familiar to him.   Having completed the questionnaire, and observation of selected images, he was requested to sit in the chair and make himself up.  Encouragement to take as much time as necessary was given.

After 3 min, 11 seconds during which D-8768, chatted with experimenters about the make-up taking him back to amateur performances[15] the mirror shifted to show a younger version of D-8768 making himself up.  A time check on a radio news bulletin heard in the background identified the mirror image as occurring 3 years and 2 months previously. D-8768’s records to the extent they can now be accessed achronistically show him to have an IQ in the 159-161 range. He seems to have made deductions from the observations and entered at 4 min, 7 seconds into a long set of instructions to the mirror-self.  These related to a number of matters including:

1.       Stocks and shares to invest in between 2015-2018.

2.       A person (X) that the mirror-self was not to interact with under any circumstances.

3.       An explanation of the idea of asexuality and how D-8768 wished he’d known

that earlier before everything got so complicated.

At approximately 15 min into the effect the mirror-D8768 began to make notes on the opposite side of the mirror using eye-brow pencil.  Read backwards these summarised the instructions given by D-8768

At 1.11 the mirror D-8768 began to audibly interact with Subject-D-8768, and among other things promised to reject any overtures of friendship with the person named at 2.[16] Mirror-D-8768 ‘thanked its poor, poor shadow from its horrible future’, for its warnings, and ‘professed sorrow for the pain he had evidently endured.’  It was then noted by Experimenters that D-8768 was becoming transparent, and that the make-up which he had applied was flaking off and falling to the ground around the chair. At 1.24 D-8768 completely vanished.  The experiment was terminated.  An account of the incident was transcribed to acausal records.  At 1.37 a check on records held in ‘normal’ space-time indicated that the experimental cycle had ceased for approximately 2 hrs and that D-8768 had not yet reported due to a minor incident.  On arrival D-8768 proved to be a different D-subject to that referred to in the acausal record.  The trial, incarceration, and acquisition of the former D-8768 appear now to no longer have ever occurred.  Observation of the person designated D-8768-null (that is the person who now did not in fact murder person X) has been requested, but is awaiting budgetry considerations. 

SCP-XXXX-2-2   01-07-2018  (Total duration of effect 39:04)

D-subject 8768(2) (Genderfluid, pan) was first questioned under iris-dilation technology to identify from self-selected list of film actor/actresses which were most familiar to them.   Having completed the questionnaire, and observation of selected images, they were requested to sit in the chair and make themselves up.  Encouragement to take as much time as necessary was given.

No change was observed in the mirror.  After 2 min, 08 seconds, D-8768(2) began to complain of hearing voices, as if there was ‘a crossed line in his head’.  He was re-assured that this was an actual exterior effect understudy and not a psychosis, and requested to record/transcribe the conversation. Internal evidence suggested that he was ‘hearing’ dressing room conversation referring to the Belarus Free Theaters’ production of Burning Doors (2017) which D-8768(2) professed to have seen.  He was effusive about the importance of the production, which dealt with the history of resistance in Eastern Europe.  At around 32min. however, he began to explain that the actor was being made-up into the character of [Data Expunged], who would redress the wrongs visited by the state, but seemed confused as he could not recall such a character in the production of Burning Doors.  At this point experimenter Dr D████ who was aware of SCP-███ ordered the experiment ceased.  D-8768(2) was given B-class amnesiacs to assist in removal of memory of [Data Expunged]







[1] Testing has shown the precise sigil used makes no difference but attempts to substitute symbology from other grimoires results in a 73% melting failure of the wax seal within 0-3 hrs, rising to 95% after 6hrs, and 100% after 24.  The continued use of the same sigil shows a similar effect, but rotation of any 3 seems safe. 

[2] No special form of knife is needed but use of non-silver blades have resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]

[3] The brand or quality, and indeed the artistry of application appears irrelevant to the effect.

[4] Experiments using telepathy inducing SCPs await authorization.

[5] A heterosexual subject will respond to an actor they believe to be of the opposite gender, a homosexual subject will respond to an actor they believe to be of the same gender. Bi, pan-identifying subjects will respond to any actor. Asexual (ace) subjects will respond to the actor as if they were in a special protégé relationship with them that while non-sexual was nevertheless of intense importance to them.

[6] This effect may occur earlier, but it has never failed to occur experimentally beyond this duration as of present experiments. Experimentation beyond this point is prohibited except at 04 level authorization.

[7] This effect has not been reported by D-subjects, but this maybe because they have not shot someone immediately prior to experimentation.  Requests to test this hypothesis have been denied.

[8] Evans plays a bellicose, corrupt cop, abusing his position to take advantage of his rookie partner Dawn.

[9] Salome had been involved earlier with SCP-████ and had been permitted to retain generalised memories to prompt her to contact us in the event of any unusual events.

[10] Antique gendered term used in experimental testing to facilitate f/m identification.

[11] It must be remembered that it can not be determined that the remarks made by objects in the mirror are undistorted or correct even in the early stages of the effect.

[12] In this initial experiment researchers neglected to attempt to discover the degree of knowledge held by the subject as to film/theatre actors before commencement so it is impossible to say if D-8765 began in possession of this degree of knowledge or whether it was somehow enhanced by SCP-XXXX-1 effects.

[13] Reference to SCP-Foundation was made by object spontaneously, not by D-subject.

[14] Internal evidence suggests broadway production of Headwig and the Angry Inch (2014)

[15] Previous to his trial, incarceration, and move to SCP custody.

[16] This name has vanished from the remaining records, as part of the following events.