Thursday, September 06, 2012

Disambigously Larry Price (Random Wikipedia poem)

Mostly in Ohio, possibly, at least he was
A member of their House of Representatives,
In former times, and also worked,
In journalism and photography,
Parleying athleticism, in the media,
And (briefly?) for Ohio must have taken time,
He was a civil servant in Hawaii,
Really, he, did enough for three men,
I wonder if,
I might have got confused, If only there,
Was some resource by which these lives that cleave,
Could be divided cleanly in my mind.
But then, I have been a civil servant, and a novelist,
Lived in Liverpool and Sheffield, and in Wallington,
Been single, married.  Written poetry.
Do I need disambiguation?
Do we all?

Inspired by random wikipedia page:
Larry Price may refer to:
Larry Price (Hawaii), athlete, media personality, journalist and former civil servant in Hawaii, United States
Larry Price (politician), former member of the Ohio House of Representatives
Larry C. Price, United States photojournalist

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