Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Oanism Song (Classic CS5M)

An onan, an onan
Onan the barbarian
takes his mighty sword in hand
its the pleasure he can't withstand
Forget the jewelled lotus scene
Of Thoth-Ammon's scanty-clad harem
He's got a solitary dream
"Crom, he cuts a mighty swathe!"

An onan, an onan
When you're a single man (or woman)
Its not just fanwankery,
to be a fan of wankery,
whether plain or spankery.
You need never hesitate
In the ultimate cheap date.
"Feeling lucky? Well you've pulled!"

An onan, an onan
It's not a sin, I think I've found
if you don't spill seed on the ground
when tasked specifically to bring
a shine to your sister-in-law's bling
if yo' dead bro's honour's not your thing
"Then its a sin to shake your ting-a-ling".

An onan, an onan.
As the man said 'ooh that's good'
At least in optimistic mood,
and if its not, well you can fix
all blame upon your partner's tricks
Without divorce procedings fraught
Which show your impotence up in court
"Its better to be schitzo than, to
get the law, involved my man!"

[Composed 20th Jan 2006 in response to
thread about, well masterbation, duh!]

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