Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blairmageddon (CS5M)


I knew he'd started several wars
I knew he'd told some lies
But it wasn't 'til I saw the redness of his eyes
That I knew the thing I'd never known
The thing that shocked me, man!
Who'd have ever guessed the anti-christ
Wouldn't be American
I mean it seemed so obvious
the Pope was the Beast of Rome,
(Its seven heads the seven hills
Beneath his papal throne)
But the odd thing, the unguessable thing,
The thing that's got me shittin'
Who'd have fingered the anti-christ
As the guy in charge of Britain

The identity card he should have sold
As the sign on hand or head foretold
That sells his folk to satan
Or at the least a handy sign of commonsense foresaken
Maybe its not so hidden, mayby its bloody clear
What did I expect the anti-christ to have
Hooved feet and a goat's rear?

Who'd have believed the anti-christ
Played rock-guitar when younger
(Oh wait I guess that was a given)
The one thing that can't be shriven
The sin against the holy ghost
The worst of all the devils tricks
Is playing rock then quitting
To spend more time in politics.

So when you see the abomination
Raised on high at the head of your nation
And the plain of A'mageddo's at your door
Prepare to kiss your arse goodbye
And remember that you cast your votes
And burnt your metaphorical boats
On the twinkle in the anti-christ's eye
That claimed he was a pretty straight guy.

[Crap Songs in 5 Minutes(c) SBJ]

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Tardieu said...

Way cool, its been too long since I read one of these. That first verse was terrific with some cool references and "Who'd have ever guessed the anti-christ
Wouldn't be American" had me laughing out loud.