Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Trappers [Lesser Non-timebound entities]

Trappers set their time webs around a set of events as time-bound species might around convenient locations.  They are capable of nudging events closer in space-time so that co-lateral species can move from one nexus point to another without noticeable passage of time between them. These gaps or lacunae are non-perceptable from within the spiralling trap: but their presence can be sensed by increasing synchronity.
Humans affected may also find themselves stating and restating facts about their circumstances as, unconsciously they try to reassure themselves that slices of the world are not going missing around them.
Trappers themselves do not prey upon entities of the co-lateral class: these are for all intents and purposes merely bait.  Trappers know that a sufficiently enticing arranged timespiral will draw secondary predators, and antibodies of the tertiary time class.  It is upon the interactional energies of the secondary and tertiary entities that such quaternary entities as Trappers subsist.  The term dramavore is occasionally used but the drama can be emotional as much as kinetic.

J. T. Mosted & S. L. Vandemaar's Entities of the Higher Planes (1743)


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