Monday, October 29, 2018

On Our Origins

"Council of The Eight, hear me. I meant no blasphemy.

It is clear that the chamber from which we were,

Disgorged upon our new and verdant world

Was built by creatures other than ourselves

Containing as it did as well as food,

Stored cylinders of life giving gas,

Devices that showed beings not as us,

Engaged in stylised work, play, and war,

Odd amorous antics we can not adapt,

(Again I do not speak against the cults that try),

And one - unique, and after cherished - book.

Nor do I doubt our placing here deliberate,

Upon the plain, between four rivers, suitable and safe,

From mountain thinner air, or storms from sea.

Someone took thought, and gave us hope for good,

All that I say is we can not be sure,

That those who wrought the chamber,

Those who placed it here,

Are one and the same race or entity.

Rather than fall and worship the first sight,

We should reach further, learn and judge in time,

When greater knowledge may uplift our kind,

Who then knowledge may hail our saviour?

It may be that we in their own image may be wrought

The two leg builders, servants of a higher host,

Their chamber turned to purposes more vast,

Than ever spoken of among their sport,

Or even set down in The Single Book.

I speak of an Unknown Goddess or God,

Do not condemn as atheist my faith,

It merely looks beyond the web-surface,

To distinguish the holy music's makers,

From that transcendence that from world to world

Once moved the Chamber of The Fountainhead.

We owe our future and our kind to more,

Than are dreamed of within the Prophet Rand."

Testiment of Anracknos : Martyr of the Unknown Goddess,  dated to 34 ASC,
As translated by Professor Monas Lynn, 3,147 CE.  from "Spider Cultures of the Metebelis Cluster, chapter 5: Metebelis IV".

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