Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lemon Cohen's "Shed-Keys" CSI5M

I lost the keys
I'd locked the shed
You looked on me
As one now dead.

And my skin
And my skin
Well it shed,

A crucial patch
From off my back
That hid the marks
Of your attack.

I took my tools
Unscrewed the lock
The keys were not
Inside the clock.
And my hand
And my hand
Hid my eye.

I tried my other
Trousers and
The places where
Rogue keys might land.

I looked under
The things that might
Have been put down
In fear that night.
And my mind
And my mind
Wanders on.

They are not on the
Other peg,
They are not down
The Trouser leg.

They are not in
The butter dish
Why can't I just get
One small wish?
And the time
And the time
It falls on.

We wind up clock
Work toys to try
To figure out
How best to die.

I would not need
To find a key
If I were certain
I could flee.

And my mind
And my mind
Wanders on.

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