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[Author’s note: the technical terms have been translated into human equivalents throughout.  This signal was decoded after many years of NASA work.  We can not know how long it will be before the decision it calls for is made.]

Galactinet – General Voting Issue – Status of Planet Earth.
Consciousness Reclamation Commission Report (CRC) : Our drones have now been surveying the planet since the late 40s of the preceding century their dating[i], (roughly 60 of our standard years) and we have archived considerable evidence of the nature of the problem as it has developed here.  Drones are low decision-capable subAI systems whose primary goals are data-capture and whose primary skills are avoidance. On non-conscious worlds they are undetectable by the inhabitants as they are structured so as not to trigger flight/fight response circuits in brain stem structures[ii].  They are faintly translucent, pallid discs with no exterior claw-like or teeth like impaling shapes and in flight are unlike any known natural predation silhouette[iii]. The discs are set to gather medical data.
To re-cap – we are aware of a consciousness destroyer virus (CDV) seeded by non-conscious agents into the Arrhenius life-spores[iv] of this area, and no species exhibiting its effects can be safely re-integrated into uplifted Galactic Society as a single/multi conscious stable entity until the effects have been removed. Where the effects are ingrained, the majority – or even the entirety of the life chain on the world in question may need to be excised. Before the committee is the review of the drone data and its synthesis from the planet in question.
The problem in fine, in respect of this world, is that the uppermost species (and the majority of surveyed lower species developed from the same panspermia strike) has developed a consciousness which is affected with CDV-62198-15(g11-13) but has been nevertheless proved capable of maintaining a working – if less than primary functional society.  The issue is – is such a society an acceptable re-integration candidate, or one which should be rejected? and if the latter should the world be interdicted or purged?  The adaption is essentially a medical one which is detailed below.
If CDV-62198-15(g11-13) were functioning normally (normally here carries, naturally, no sense of approval) the following events would have transpired when the infected population reached a trigger number of around 1 billion. It is unclear exactly how this is mediated though it has been suggested that when single males between the ages of 16-26 exceed a certain fraction of the population[v] stress effects can trigger war and violence, and that the hormonal changes coded for by increased fight/flight responses in the brain-stem can trigger CDV-62198.  Once triggered it: produces a medical complex comprising seven sub-symptomologies:
(1) Six genes on chromosome 15 are supressed creating an effect similar to partial Prader-Willis Syndrome[vi] - uncontrollable hunger, lack of muscle co-ordination, and obsessive repetitive behaviour. Note PW Syndrome alone is in no way a bar to galactic uplift, nor is any evolutionary caused genetic diversion.
(2) Fine-fibre dendritic webs in the brain, coarsen and cease to vibrate. This has a disruptive effect on self-modeling and the carteasian consciousness, as predicted by holonomic brain theory[vii]   [Author’s note – the alien terms are especially difficult to translate here, if in doing so I have neglected to pick your favourite origin-of-consciousness theory, do not let that distract you from the content of the signal.]
(3) CDV itself becomes an active viral package, infiltrating and switching cells particularly skin cells, and gut enterocytes, into CDV factories, infecting all bodily fluids of victim.  The virus acts as a epigenetic agent within the body, setting off stages 4,5,6,and 7.  In the gut it builds a subprocessor network of sub-brain tissue which it can use to ‘order’ violent action.
(3b) A minor side-effect of 3 is essentially lactose intolerance, where an infectee has eaten milk or cheese products within one-two hours of a CDV infection, this subset of symptoms can trigger – abdominal bloating, gas, cramps, diarrhea, nausea, borborygni, and vomiting. Any liquid expelled in vomiting of diarrhea will be CDV infected. This additional early on-set infectivity is ‘helpful’ to the CDV virus.
(4) Cortical changes linking pleasure centres to the biting reflex over-write the normal mammalian model. This is essentially an induced odaxelagnia.[viii]
(5)  Hypertropism of pleasure centres.
(6) Epigenetic mutations are forced on the three genes SCN9A: W897X, located in the P-loop of domain 2; I767X, located in the S2 segment of domain 2; and S459X, located in the linker region between domains 1 and 2. This results in a truncated non-functional protein. Nav1.7 and an incapacity to respond to pain.
(7) The parasympathetic nervous system that mediates the shut down of the fight-or-flight begins to decay, and be re-absorbed into the body.
The creature resulting from this set of cascading changes – is ravenous, unthinking, infectous, keen to tear and rend, derives what sole satisfaction it can from destruction, feels little or no pain itself, and can exert its stored-muscular strength for a considerable period.  It is a Zombie.  A CDV mediated Zombie infection is a deliberately induced conscious world-limiter and must be considered enemy action.
In the case in question
Due to an as yet undetermined glitch the CDV virus triggered during the evolution of the worlds population from lower forms, not at the 1 billion point, and has been present at sub-viral load levels endemic throughout the mammalian population. Over evolutinary time-scales three potential flaws in the genetics of the worlds’ creatures have so actived as to, in general, limit the effects of the virus. Creatures prone to the potential ‘trigger’ who did not have these limiters were destroyed, and consequently the three limiters – which we ourselves do not have, and which are evolutionarily suboptimal have persisted, in the infected population. [Author's note this can be seem in ordinary human medicine where a propensity for sicle-cell anemia persists - though disadventageous - in populations based in malerial endemic areas. The damage of the former impacts later on 'breeding sucess', than death from the latter.]
(1) For reasons which may be glandular the dendritic web thickening occurs throughout the infected population but it is cyclic and limited to around five to eight hours per day per subject.  This produces a period in which consciousness is shut down, it appears to be triggered by (i) low levels of light intensity, (ii) low levels of blood-sugar concentration – possibly linked to co-opting of gut-cells at (3) above.
This is Sleep a weird – astonishly limiting state which we do not require as the mechanisms for removing fatigue poisons in our cells and cataloguing items in our brains are more efficient.
(2) A mutation links the above drop in consciousness, which in a true-weaponised zombie would result in a creature functioning as a ravening maniac, to a condition, we rarely experience, that of muscular atonia.  While the brain stem areas governing neural activity the pontine tegmentum and the locus coeruleus continue to fire the muscles do not respond – the zombie on this world remains safely in its bed.  If it ‘sleepwalks’ it does not respond – generally – to violent impulses.
This doubles the danger of sleep leaving the person subject to it, highly vulnerable while they can not move.
(3) A substantial part of the population have developed better digestive tract flora than we possess thereby, symbiotically side-stepping the problems of CDV digestive tract penetration.  They retain a ‘feeling’ of at times being ordered by their guts, which is due to the CDV attempting to co-opt their central nervous system.
However – the trace activation of the CDV, and the interaction of the random mutations for sleep and sleep aponia, have acted in tandem to effect cultural evolution.
(i) The hypertropism of the pleasure centres, has diverted the society into a number of unusual sociological pathways, but the fixation on odaxelagnia has either not taken, or has been subsumed into a variety of equally valid pleasure facilitating actions. Alone of the known conscious forms stemming from human arrehenius-spore impact, the species mates more than twelve times in its lifetime. [This explains the rapid growth of the  world population].  Sleeping and vulnerable every night the creatures have – in the majority – pair-bonded on extended timescales and developed unprecedented levels of transgender bonding. Heterosexuality, unlike among ourselves, is rampant and accepted.
(ii) The lower pain thresh-hold and disinclination to disengage from being co-opted into a fight/flight mode, caused by CDV-syndrome, has left the conscious entities when not ‘asleep’ aggressive, prone to territorial conflict and – when not involved in war – obesity (due to the partial repression of ‘satiety’ signals.
So gentle-beings – what are we to do with this world of “sleepy” zombies, of “kinky” lovers, of ‘happy’ families, of “dangerous” warriors, of "cuddly" chubbies?  They are not destroyed, but are they destroyers?  Can they be integrated into our sleepless, predominantly sexless, non-familial, peaceful, thin culture?
The matter is before your voting pads. The decision is yours.

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