Thursday, June 11, 2015

A helpful graphic comparing Vox Day with Nazis

People watching the contretemps about the Hugo awards will be aware of the fact that this year the nominees have been skewed in favour of right wing US military / and or religious sf, that considered rationally isn't technically very good 'as writing', this is annoying because works that were better have been pushed off the nomination lists by these 'dog-in-a-manger' groups who call themselves the sad puppies and the rabid puppies.

The rabid puppies are lead by one Vox Day (Theodore Beale) who believes (or chooses to post as if he believes - and lets give him the benefit of the doubt that he's not lying) a lot of very right wing things.  These have lead to the sad puppies and the rabid puppies being called "extreme right wing to neo-nazi respectively", and the woman who said that - the art director for Tor books has been upbraided by people who don't understand the 'to' and 'respectively' in that description, and seemingly have read nothing by Vox Day.

So to help clarify matters here's a simple diagram with footnotes:

(1) and other posts)
(3) (and others)
(4) Vox Day believes that it is rational for Islamic fundamentalists, and for Andreis Breviek given their aims, to shoot children in the head for (a) wanting to go to school, (b) being children of liberals respectively.  He pretends that this isn't being in favour of shooting children in the head - only calling it rational given certain aims, but it is rational only if it is rational in war to abandon moral codes.
(5) Vox Day believes Western Civilisation is endangered by barbarians within and without and the faster breeding of stupid people see (1) also
(6) As far as I know Vox Day does not wear a Nazi uniform.

I hope this helps.


Chris Hensley said...

You are being far to generous. You forgot a few other shared traits:
Believes that the ability to be part of a civilization is genetic and determined by race
Believes that general intelligence is genetic and determined by race
Actively promotes racial nationalism
Believes that Jews are intellectually inferior to other Europeans
Advocates the murder of gay persons
Associates with people who believe the Waffen SS are nice guys

Site Owner said...

It's a small graph.

Thomas said...

A minor comment on the German: Kuchen = cake vs Küche = kitchen, with plural Küchen
Both fit somehow but the common trinity is "Kinder, Küche, Kirche".

The list could be much longer,* but it's good to start somewhere.
* For example on publishing books whose title literally ends with "Untermensch".
I'm very surprised that Eric Flint e.g. apparently did not start with considering a European perspective when defending the "puppies".
For me, Torgersen is pretty much a collaborator of neo-fascist ideologues.
Establishing an alliance with right and center parties was crucial in 1933, btw. That included quite liberal (in the international sense) parties and the Zentrum, the Catholic party.