Friday, January 09, 2015

Looking Forward: 2015 Almanack: Notable Events: June - December.

  • June 15 –  North Korea claims to have successfully cloned their Glorious Leader, the clone being declared Leader-In-Waiting.  The media at large is doubtful, and a series of cyber attacks are launched against the New York Times, The National Enquirer, and the British magazines New Scientist and Private Eye.
  • June 26 - ISIS troops ousted from Ar-Raqquah, by Syrian Governmental forces. 

  • July–December

  • July 6 - US researchers claim to have demonstrated 'room temperature super-conductivity'. 
  • July 26 –  Reports that the cometry lander - Philae has activated and is relaying a modulated signal (the so called 'song of the asteroid') in a manner indicative of sonic design.
  • August 11 - Philae hoax, uncovered, as hacker Zara Mitchel admits to broadcasting signal from iphone flown into low-earth orbit by helium balloon. Pattern in signal is her rendition of 'Let it Go!'.
  • August 12 –  Disney law suit against Zara Mitchel.
  • September 9 - SGF troops ousted from Ar-Raqquah, by ISIS forces.
  • Septernber 17 -  North Korea becomes first modern "regency-archy" following mysterious 'retirement' of Glorious Leader Emeritus Kim Jong-Un. 
  • September 18 - ISIS troops ousted from Ar-Raqquah, by Syrian Governmental forces. 
  • October 20 –  Super-conductivity demonstrations lead to crashes in traditional engineering stock. Purchase of General Motors from US Government majority stock holders by Apple.
  • October 23 - The town, and city of, Thermopolis and Buffalo, Wyoming suffer Brown Outs, and electrical storms. 
  • November 1 - US military conduct "exercise" centred around Devil's Tower National Landmark.
  • December 5 – Russian satirical Magazine Война льду (Icy War!) publishes 'alleged' satellite pictures of Yankees vs The Bear God of the Cheyenne under the heading:   Американцы против другого медведя (America fights yet another Bear!).
  • December 27 - Powder River Valley earthquake, US.  
  • December 29 –  UK - New Year's day fireworks detonated in error along South Bank, faulty private supplied computerised timers blamed.  Damage to London Eye.  
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