Friday, October 10, 2014

Doctor Who Discovers Metaphysics: - "Evil"


'Evil' is generated by the neurology of a particular set of observations involved in the breaking of quantum entanglements. It was identified as a specific frequency of alpha-waves(1) by the late Professor Keller in 19__(1)

When an observer predominantly 'chooses' a specifically narrow range of events based on perceived immediate self-gratification, without empathy or socialisation, the field strength of Evil around the cortex increases. [The unit of Evil is disputed with the Imperial measurement of Hitlers(2), being somewhat overweighted, resulting in most acts of evil being specified in femto-Hitlers, while the metric measurement (dating from the French Revolution) of Monarchs requires a conversion rate of  17 Monarchs to the nano-Hitler.]  The Monarch as a unit of Evil does not relate to the supervillian of the same name(3), this is a common misunderstanding which has been debunked by Mythbusters.

'Evil' energies  within such fields have been shown to feed a number of parasitic and quasi-parasitic species from the Redjac, and the Beta XII-A entity(4), to the Kelloroid(1).

Oddly there seems to be no similar field associated with 'Good' - where choices are open-ended, non-self-motivated, or atruistic, the alpha-waves involved may have a variety of non-evil energies.

(1) The Mind of Evil
(2) Professor Godwin comments 'Anyone measuring something in Hitlers has lost the right to measure it'.
(3) Professor Venture, comments that Monarch is at best straining to reach an evil level of 0.2 Monarchs, in a Mythbusters interview.(5)
(4) Star Trek - Wolf In The Fold, Star Trek - Day of The Dove..
(5) Mythbusters Meets The Venture Brothers.
See also This Earth Thing Called Love.

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