Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Notes on the Sibling Assault

To Grandmother Agonisties.
A is not-A. Oh, yes it is!

Two siblings Subject A and Subject B, hereafter code name UNIFORM NAVY, and CIVILIAN FLESHTONE have been seperated in time and space and each allowed to believe they have survived the other, after improbable timely intervention. This will, I remain assured, enabled penetration of the target subject's defences.

While UNIFORM NAVY has already failed to penetrate, into the target's time ship, this was to be expected (though the attempt was a useful one in itself, enabling doubt to be cast in the mind of the present weak point.)  Our projections indicate that CIVILIAN FLESHTONES air of "contrition" will make him a better penetration engine - if I may use the phrase without being accused of gender stereotyping.

If we are correct, as to the forces presently focusing upon (one might almost say around) the target, our placement of either or both of our agents, after the excision of subject C, has become vital to the cause of Paradox.

Yours Uncle Azurian.
A is not Not-A.  Says Who.

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