Monday, September 15, 2014

Notes on Probability 4.

To Grandmother Agonisties.
A is not-A. Oh, yes it is!

The work proceeds.  The complexity of the event target is pushed towards a theoretical maxima, with its own history dependant upon the effect it has had on others.  While not as clean a paradox as we would wish - to be lifted by your friend lifting your bootstraps while you lift their bookstraps remains a delicious impossibility.

Without the iron defraction gratings of the Time Lords, overlying space-time with their furious web, collapsing all to linear displays within a causal nexus of constraint, we can turn any adversory into ourselves with time, merely by giving them the rope with which they will entangle themselves.

As predicted the greater the twining of the complexity the more it draws orthogonal interest from Great Powers - perhaps even the Loa themselves!

They're under the Blanket, they're not under the Blanket, get used to it.

Yours Uncle Azurian.
A is not Not-A.  Says Who.

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