Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Series 10, Episode 2

working title : "GAMES OF MIME AND MINOTAUR"


DURATION: 47’10”
10:00:00 EXT. SKY – NIGHT

A star flares up in a dark patch of sky – turning the night into a bowl of white light. The sound of footsteps running on sand in the whiteness. We can’t see who, or where.  (Same effect as start of episode 1). Then we pull back - the man running is ESDRAS (from episode 1) he is running around the inside of a massive curved glass surface, along which sand pours past his feet.


He is inside an hour glass on the surface of an ornate desk.  Behind the desk, the CELESTIAL TOYMAKER regards the Doctor, sardonically.  He gestures to CLARA, now dressed as a clown who stands at the side of the desk.  She reaches out and with both hands, up ends the hourglass.


- The history of your little earth is becoming my plaything Doctor.  I will remake its beliefs into the worship of Chance, and play here until every soul on Earth from the first grunting cave man to the last preening post-human has become my servant.


- Unless?


How very perceptive, yes there's alway an unless, isn't there.  If you don't want the sands of time to choke your pets, then you will need to play with me - for higher stakes than this poor world alone.


But what do you bet Toymaker? Hmm.  If a games worth playing shouldn't there be the chance of loss on either side. (He pauses) Incidently, I was too polite to say this the last time we met, but you do know that that outfit makes you look like a massive racist?  I mean why are you dressed up like an early 20th century pulp writers idea of a Chinese Manderin played by a white person. I tell you what, it gives me no confidence that you aren't a bit shifty. How can I play against a racist, what do you think that'll look like in my cv?

TOYMAKER  (Quick cuts as his body changes - always maintaining his Manderin's outfit - through as many actors of as many races and genders as we can find, can we get Warwick Davies here as well, ending on Peter C 'as Toymaker.  He glares at himself across the desk.).

Am I what, Racist?  No it's just not going in Doctor.  You're saying I kidnap species from space time and torment them, and your main concern is what I look like? 


No skin off my nose, just thought someone ought to tell you. 


You are an amusing insect.  Do you think I prefer the red ants to the black?


[Grabs hour glass and turns it on its side, so that ESDRAS ceases to drown in sand]  SNAP CUTto ESDRAS's perspective, we see the two distorted faces of THE DOCTOR and the TOYMAKER,

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