Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Note on SCRIPT.

In exciting news, this 2 parter, MAYBE bumped up into series 9, you heard it here first.  [For a certain value of MAYBE.]

OKAY, It's become a two parter, it was the blessed Giant Carnivorous Space Elephants that did it.

BACK FROM HOLS...Script will be finished this week.....before DW returns....

In the post below, watch as I write a Doctor Who script between 8th July and the Programme going back on air for Series Real Time.  Why not contribute in the comments: all ideas helpfully ignored or pirated.  In the impossible event of this "LOST SCRIPT(tm)" from Series 10 ever being made: contributors will receive credit and/or money.

Following "James G's" suggestion the SCRIPT is now being amended, DURING writing to include [SPOILER] and his [SPOILERS] engaged in [SPOILERING] (It's in the comments if you can't wait to read the actual script in the post immediately below.

Remember this is your chance to impact *actual*(tm) Doctor Who TV history, by getting your suggestions in this *genuine*(tm) Leaked Season 10 Script.  YOU ARE STEPHEN MOFFAT and if you say jump *I* say how high!

Remember, read THIS SCRIPT:  don't spoil yourselves by reading any others that MIGHT be floating around. 

No misuse of trademarked material intended Voord, Doctor Who, Clara, and Dan, and [SPOILER] are probably trademarked BBC and/or original creators. This SCRIPT is not for profit.  Giant Carniverous Space Elephants are copyright James G, used here by explicit permission.

Simon BJ

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Anonymous said...

The Master has joined up with Giant carnivorous Space Elephants because...??? ... Invasion!

James G.