Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kaiju - Post Cards (Part 2)

I’ve kept other post cards of course.  Private ones, ones I’m not adding to this cache, not yet.  These are my memories of our problem, in both its practical and theoretical guises.  My sister’s the one who writes on the latter.  In 2039 she was working on the Snowden Omni-Brain, and managed to get a post card to me, now and then despite the security.  Nothing about the bio-computer technology, of course – that was still classified, but her comments on the Kaiju are those of a first class biologist (family blushes excepted).
A picture of Snowden, obviously a tourist post card from a long time ago, possibly one of thousands taken into the Redoubt – there’s no sign on the mountain of the massive entry gates to the GrB Omni-brain Project (an aside, at least we have the Kaiju to thank for the Re-Unification of Greater Britain (that is, the Greater Britain of Eire, the United Kingdom, and Normandy, as it exists now – in 2039 it was still just Christian Wales, Islamic England and Atheist Normandy of course. Scotland was still independent, Wee Free, and conducting Sacrifices around Loch Ness.) My sister writes:  Hi Jack. Lots of lovely work I can’t write about, all hopeful – ha! We think though we’ve got a working theory as to the source of all the exo(tic) lifeforms. It’s really a revival of the Arrhenius Panspermia theory, or perhaps a variation of Hoyle’s idea that life began in the cometry halo, although I’ve added an twist. We think they began as a seeding from space of creatures that develop through a whole evolutionally cycle from microbes to monsters incredibly rapidly. I think, we’re seeing an invasion but not one driven by consciousness, but by an instinctive need to create the greatest monster, a creature born out of ruthless competition that seeing off all others of its lineage then bulldozes flat the native species and dies back – leaving a living biosphere with no top predator species, ready and open for the ‘real’ invaders. My colleague think that’s fanciful, my succumbing to the ‘intentionalist’ fallacy, but there’s no way these variety of giant monsters could *all* have been hiding in the sea. The bio-mass needed to feed a viable breeding population of even a single Rasputinock, or Slaybudee, is on an order of magnitude greater than the total estimated fish stocks of the world’s oceans.(Incidently though we think these are going up, as counter intuitively what ever predation the exo(tics) make upon their numbers is less than the fishing fleets would have made if there where any left.)
to be continued...

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