Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Imaginary TV Shows #2

"Alienating Statement"  7 episodes BBC 2  1988.

An oddity of a series, in which characters (one to an episode) attempt
to defend their stance over "The Incident" to an unseen tribunal.  It
combines the talking heads monologue with flashback / "found footage"
evidence shown on giant screens surrounding the character, which often
counterpoints or contradicts their evidence.  It is only as the series
progresses that we learn that "The Incident" was a first contact
situation between humanity and something else (an alien, a
supernatural force?) which has ended disasterously.  Its ending -
controversially - is set ten years later, and is a member of the
Tribunal (up to this point only a voice) being tried in the same way,
by implicitly a later regieme.

Episode 1:  POLITICIAN
Episode 2:  PASSERBY
Episode 3: VICTIM
Episode 4: GENERAL
Episode 5: NURSE
Episode 6: SOLDIER
Episode 7: TRIBUNE

Something of a cult series, occasionally compared to "The prisoner if
it was written by Alan Bennett and H P Lovecraft", it is well worth 7
x 45 minutes of your time.

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