Sunday, January 05, 2014

The origins of the Cyberpapacy

The Papal Mainframe, derived its core operating systems from a number of sources during the so-called Syncretistic Popes of the 50th to 53rd Centuries. It was still subsuming other systems into itself as late as the early 52nd century when it absorbed via ORACular circuit elements, the entire operating algorithms and core substrata of such sites as New Alexandria, The Library, Penguinhiem, and Ukko.

The latter papal emulations of the LEM series (deriving their name from St. Stanislaw) are rumoured to have instated their operating code from strip-mining the above secular engines.  It is hardly surprising them that after this, the Church began a militant, expansionistic, and self stilled Flexifaith based Mysticanity in which Christ was affirmed, but as an archetype rather than a unique embodiement. The Heaven Wars, that subtemporal echo of the War in Heaven, resulted among the Churches Militant of the Period of Final Faith.
This hot-house flowering was to end, as we know, with silence, but for a time the song from the old texts was again embodied in the Papacy, and God's love flowed - alledgedly - like a river.

Extract from the Book of the Peace.

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