Friday, December 27, 2013

The Crack of Doom in the period of the Cracked Worlds, when past and future collided and the universe experienced a number of resets, there were also a series of contacts with supposed Homeworlds.
       Earlier in these lectures we have discussed the neotonous Gallifrey, that with its childhood iconography and emotional hooks was able to be dragged out of the time-war by its heart strings, but that Gallifrey, encapsulated as it was in Picture-Time, lost in another universe,could not rationally be expected to have exerted an immediate influence on basal time.  In later discussions to permit clarity we will designate that Homeworld "Jewel" after one of the old names for Gallifrey.
      What then are we to make of the signal, certainly in Gallifreyan, certainly weighted with energies identified with Homeworld technologies and instrumentalities, which caused the 'Final Battle' of the Time War (according to some historians) on the world known respectively as "Trenzalore" or "Utterlost"?

It is tempting to identify the source of the message as not Jewel, but another.  Perhaps the 'extreme war' iteration of Rassilon's World, but its disinclination to force the Crack open, suggests a more pacific or at least a subtler or more individual power. 

What power then, of Gallifrey, seeking specifically the Doctor (let us not mince words here but identify him at least clearly), interested seemingly in keeping the Doctor alive into another regenerative cycle. a gift available only from the original Triumvers, the President, or the High Council. What power that comes at the every end of a War.  What power that we, still, subliminally associate (following earlier exigences involving the Cracks) with unknown Prisoners.

Who but, the entity designated.... END.

Extract from "The Book of The Peace"

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