Thursday, August 01, 2013

Schrodinger the Scientist Cat.

He often can be found patrolling below ground
where the rats are much plumper and wider,
by birth he's franco-swiss and he's convinced that this,
determined where they put the Large Collider.
When the tetra-volts are humming there's no chance that he is slumming,
for his fur stands up with interest quite its own,
he's beside himself with concern. as he paces around CERN,
so much so that some say he's got a clone.
He was once put in a box, for a set of science taks,
to illustrate a thought experiment,
and it would have been a great success if they'd not got him to mew less,
for the points he made were very pertinent. 
So if you've a state transform that your anxious to perform
and your having trouble with quantum mechanics,
then Schrodinger's your cat who will show you were its at,
and he'll do it without bedlam or such panics.
If you wound as tense as space, in an orthogonal place,
as your ponder whether light is wave or thing,
he will help you by poised waiting, at the fine defraction grating,
and when he sees its a spot of light he'll spring. 
He is not too proud to emit purrs when a mixed state occurs
nor to take advantage of quantum-tunnelling.
You can hear his distant purring, far away from Route de Meyrin,
which suggests that he's perfected phonon funnelling.

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