Tuesday, May 07, 2013


If you must date on a full moon
In the dark of the woods
Without even a choker of silver
You risk a dark fate,
Even so, ain't it great,
To feel the howl begin to kill yeh!
Once Bitten!
         Once you felt the fear!
Once Bitten!
          The sounds getting, near!
Once Bitten!
          Now it's you that's Were!
And the people you feared are
Twice Bitten!

If you must carouse in a castle
Across a bottomless ravine
Without even a necklace of garlic
You risk being never more seen,
Even so it's a blast,
To turn into a ghast,
Once Bitten!
        Once you felt the fangs!
Once Bitten!
        Now the hunger pangs!
Once Bitten!
        Scare torch wielding gangs!
With your vampire glare
Twice Bitten!

If you have to assume
That a Mummy's tomb
Is the best place to go va-va-voom!
You risk getting wrapped up,
Even though it's a curse
Well I guess you could do worse,
Once throttled!
       You can't sing a note
Once throttled!
       It's got you by the throat
Once throttled!
      Then it's your turn to gloat!
With your lurching step!
They're throttled!

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