Sunday, May 05, 2013

Mountainside Avalanche a 'Robyn Hitchcock' CSi5M

Oh, let the mountainside roll down
And crush me as you did,
I've yodelled too much of the clown
That serves me for an id,

My inner light is on the skids,
My strategy is dark
I climbed the north face with the kids
Who did it for a lark.

An avalanche of shaking ground
Stones beat me down at last
Some were sharp and some were round,
But all of them were fast.

You were called a mountaineer,
I had vertigo,
You rang like a chandelier
While I had far to go.

And this song makes little sense
Which isn't to be mocked,
If my head's a little dense,
It has been pretty rocked.

Diamonds the size of cars,
Sapphires blue as grey,
Tumbling like shooting stars
Around me as I lay.

Angel shaped upon the snow line
Underneath the fall,
Where the trees could only pine,
And never oak at all.

Flattened by adversity
Flat-lined unto death,
I had not a care you see,
'Til I was out of breath.

Then I scorned your good advice
What else could I do,
You were strong as winter ice,
And I was only blue, boys, I was frozen through.

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