Friday, April 05, 2013

Liking (in) Sagrada Familia

LIKE looking up
In a stone forest where
Stars have tangled in the
Branches of the winter trees.

LIKE bathing in different
Coloured streams
From pools lit
By a thousand moons.

LIKE feeling that
(In imagination, if not
perhaps in fact)
The soul is redeemed.

LIKE hearing the
Approving murmur of
The angels at the
Sandcastles of humanity.

LIKE corkscrews
Opening the good wine,
The stairs rise
To heavens under construction.

LIKE walking upside down
Under the open wells
Of sweet water
In the stone-clad sky.

LIKE stained glass aquaria
Through which shadow-fish
Make patterns of
The outer worlds.

LIKE a mechanism
Making Art from Faith,
Beauty From Belief,
While using up neither.

(Lines written while walking round Barcelona's Cathedral)

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