Thursday, April 11, 2013

Her Name Was Merlina CSi5m

Been a while, here's a 'Pulp' song..

I knew a girl and her name was Merlina,
If you saw her in the street you'd know that you'd seen her,
She had braided hair,
And a thousand mile stare.

She wore a torc and rings that were runic,
Silver chains and a dark velvet tunic,
She was kind,
And that's hard to find.

I asked her out, but she loved another,
I nursed a beer and I phoned my mother,
I said, "I'm at a loss",
And my mum got cross.

"If you took some pains with your appearance,
Didn't give up and showed perseverance,
Maybe you'd do well,
You can never tell."

I said, "Ta mum," and stashed my mobile,
Felt as if my smile had been at Chernobyl,
It was melting down,
To a glowing frown.

I knew a girl who was weird and mystic,
Made me want to do something altruistic,
But I never did
I just dressed up and hid.

Merlina married, the one she loved, see?
Never saw the neat, suited, hat and gloved me,
The one who tries,
And sometimes cries.

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