Friday, December 14, 2012

The problem of evil revisited

Oh hail, ye mindless daemon sultan, hail
Whose febril writhings in the netherspheres,
Set branes a tremble, impacting, so those,
Vast multispacial planes, thus clash and spring,
Apart to birth the Universes' fires.

This is your icon, look,
Painted in brash, and lead-based, poison tones
The clockwork chimpanzee, under a fez,
That clangs its metal cymbals,
While a spring, runs down, eternally.

What other unknown god,
Amused by you,
First wound your clockwork
Limbs to thrash and curl,
About the heartlands of the hidden worlds?

Nyarlathotep, perhaps?
Your hidden soul,
That mocks and taunts, the feeble wits of earth?
Or were you wound up by the Fourth Wise Man?
That Al Hazrad, who penned in Bethlehem,
How please the babe was to receive his gift,
And coo'ed to see the Blind Ape of Truth,
Ring out the pains of all created things.

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