Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Zappalevel, is the bargain basement of heaven, where the people who can't understand the conceits and intricacies of the higher tiers are still permitted their every wish.

There is no poverty there, in those times of matterprinters and femtofactories, where everything that has ever been scanned by timephotography can be remade in seconds from the raw stuff of everything. Where a faberge egg and a real egg are equally unscrabbleable by engines operating at hidden levels of entropy.

Zappalevel is space-poor. It's buildings opulance-crammed, riches stuffed, colours and tones and textures upon textures.  Baroque and roll indulgences in papal ragtime, used as wallpapers over ancient marble. 

Zappalevel is the home of those who haven't learned when to want nothing.

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Ahmed Aldebrn Fasih said...

Simon, was your name Jorge in your previous life? These four paragraphs are searing.