Saturday, October 13, 2012

On being the smaller of twin peaks

The matterhorn, the matterhorn
Wherever is the matter gorn
That made its awful size?
(I speak of Colorado's mount
not the one in the Alps,
No Swiss mountain has
er been seen, to vanish
from its native scene,
they're always there to count.)
In wilderness Uncompahgre
It stood a peak in company,
Much cooler than its taller peer
the nerdy Wetterhorn.
And yet if felt it very ill
The Wetterhorn was taller still,
If damper, and less sturdy.
"Oh woe, is me," the mountain moped
(My witness is a birdy)
And then it took its slopes and sloped,
Off to seek stature, in the world
Returning only if it held
Some spire or cairn to top its kin,
Make it the betterhorn.

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