Friday, September 21, 2012

Wolf Jamboree (Random wikipedia poem)

Wolf Pack Jamboree

Huttser, call the role son, willya,
Be a Palla 'n pass the jam
Khaz, Kipcha dozed while making tea, was ticked off by his mam.
Brassa brought no funds, again! Bran at least had fibre treats
Larka got on all their nerves, dressed as a ghost, in sheets
Fell just tripped and missed the boat,
The outing had to stop,
Which was okay because we'd all forgotten brother Skop.
With all the fuss he had missed the bus and we hadn't travelled far,
But that wasn't bad 'cos when he arrived we all went home by Kar.

The Sight is a novel written by David Clement-Davies about a pack of wolves. The pack members are: Huttser, Palla, Khaz, Kipcha, Brassa, Bran, Larka and Fell, though Kar and Palla's brother Skop join later.

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