Wednesday, July 04, 2012


"I regard my turning billionaires to stone as an art protest against capitalism", said Hugh Autre "The Living Rock", yesterday.

"I mean what was I supposed to do with a power like this? Fight crime?, it just 'says supervillain'," said Nukepuke, yesterday.

"It was a choice between the dormant volcano and the moonbase. Dormant, sheesh", said Doktor Ungl├╝ck, yesterday.

"So doesn't cater for hyperaccellerated clones seeking romance. Who knew?", asked Ms Multiplexo, yesterday

"When you join one of these associations they really don't explain the murdering in advance," said UnderNinja 15,186 yesterday.

"What sort of a back-from-the-dead-elixir do you call this, it's not even frothing?" said The Necromiser, yesterday at DeathCo.

"Okay it had side-effects, but I refuse to believe that calling it Monster Serum wasn't clear," said Mr Onstermaker, yesterday.

"It's so not indecent exposure if its somebody elses naked body you're wearing. I'm like clothed," said Shameleosis, yesterday.

"I mean what are the odds on two Doomsday Asteroids colliding? Can you even insure for that?", asked Apocalyptron, yesterday.

"The stains never really come out, that's the downside I guess", said The Eviscerator, yesterday.

"The 2 for 1 deal on Anthrax really lightens the load on my pocket" said Professor Germ-anium, yesterday at DeathCo

"The amnesia side-effect can be bad when it turns out my pants still fit but I'm pissed up a tree" said The Brawn, yesterday.

"I'm living the Post-Apocalyptic Dream, in advance" said Colonel Devestato, yesterday, in Waitrose.

"All I want is acceptance and love. Is that too fucking much to ask?" said Giangthropgus Merciless Eater Of Humanity yesterday.

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