Monday, July 16, 2012

The City Of The Illusion of Oblivion

The City of the Illusion Of Oblivion

Is at least three cities, perhaps four, for its buildings, fences, boundaries and demarcations set out inside it seperate domaines which touch only at certain points and only in one direction.

To pass within a certain pub at twilight and exit from an unlook for door with a different woman, or to turn left instead of right on the way to a job interview, can be to literally leave behind everything and everyone known, to pass from the yellow sun light of one city, to the blue hazey streetlights of the next.

People respond to this in different ways, some retrace their steps with utter rigidity - less their certain route home be lost, or pack around their bodies every momentomori or family photograph. Others throw themselves ever forward convinced that the three or four cities reconnect via other secret doors, and that it is possible to find your way back.

The names of the Cities are Youth, MiddleAge, OldAge, and Eternity.

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