Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Guest Poem: Lloyd George Knew My Father


Lloyd George knew my father
Father knew Lloyd George
They went on a chara trip
To the Cheddar Gorge,
When they got to Bristol,
There was a quite a fuss,
They were both ejected,
For singing on the bus.

Lloyd George said to father
Let us walk along
And we'll pass the journey,
With a good Welsh song,
So they pressed on, singing
To their destination,
Ignoring all the missiles thrown,
By the passing population.

Gasping they reached Cheddar,
Caught up with the rest,
"Oh God!," said the Driver,
"I thought I'd lost this pest!"
The passengers formed a council
And agreed they could stay,
If they'd keep their mouths shut,
For the rest of the day.

Lloyd George said to father,
"Next time we will go,
On the trip to Llangollen,
With the folk we know,
Then we can enjoy a song,
Without any fear,
Of being bashed upon the head,
With an empty can of beer."

Home they came to Cricceth,
Father and Lloyd George,
Family said, "Well how were things,
At the Cheddar George?"
Lloyd George looked at father,
And with a mighty yell he,
Said, "It's not a patch on,
Butlins at Pwhelli".

By Ann Jones (my mum, in memorium)

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