Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guest Poem: My Peerless Kinght


You are frail and you are fair
The moonbeams scatter on your hair
I look on you and despair
                My peerless Knight.

You are gentle, you are free
And yet a warrior trained to be
You may not rest at home with me
                My peerless Knight.

Tomorrow's battle will not stay
You'll ride to venture in the fray
Here for your safety I shall pray,
                My peerless Knight.

You wear my favour on your arm
That it may keep you safe from harm
And in the turmoil lend you calm
                My peerless Knight.

I watch you from the Castle Wall
We said our farewells in the Hall
I could not weep before them all
                My peerless Knight.

You sit, Graymalkin, like a King
I close mu fingers on the ring,
You gave to me last evening,
                My peerless Knight.

It's but six months, since we were wed,
Tonight alone in my wide bed,
I'll let my hidden tears be shed,
                 My peerless Knight.

I did not know you 'ere that day,
Yet loved you when I heard you say,
"My Lady," as you rode away,
                 My peerless Knight.

If you should perish in the Field
And I the castle have to yield
Then never shall my heart be healed,
                  My peerless Knight.

I pray that God will grant us grace,
So I again behold your face,
And lie within your warm embrace,
                 My peerless Knight.

By Ann Jones (my mum, in memorium)

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