Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mantra core

Cary Grant over the threshold?
Nancy Drew her own conclusions,
and Vincent Price matched promises
With all their Fonda illusions.
Peter Cushing at the Darkness,
By the shores of Christopher Lee,
Sent skipping seven Sharon Stones,
And went home for Mr T.
Rick Wakeman stirred their beauty sleep,
Dreams went for a Tim Burton,
There's Allan Arkin to the beep,
Bette Davis if you're certain.
Bette Midler trod the central path,
Desmond Askew the left,
Jennie Agutter watched the stars.
The Spinners wove the weft.
Mary Astor self why haunt the bars,
That won't ensure an Oscar
Wilde as it seems - the only truth,
Name droppers never prosper.

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