Friday, March 23, 2012

Journey : CSi5m

On a bus through Camden
listening to The Divine Comedy.
It could be any year, since '97.
The world got worse.
I stayed the same.
Ah well.

Huddled at bus stop
my ipod shuffling nervously through Morrisey.
It could be any year, post Apple.
Surfaces changed.
Inside's the same.
Ah well.

Leaving work to get the bus
One ear-phone slices duos back to singletons.
It could be any year, since things broke up.
Half of everything got worse
The rest remained impossible.
Ah well.

At work before I left, before I got the bus,
Before the music offered commentry.
It could be any year, after I heard your voice for the last time.
For we got worse, imperceptably,
It stayed the same.
Ah well.

Midday, I got your message,
Or to be strictly accurate, the hospitals.
It could be any year before, they could cure what ails us.
The prognosis was worse.
The treatment stayed the same.
Whyfore could I not pronounce 'ah "well" '.

[First verse supplied by Jim Smith, in a different
context. Song retro-engineered by SBJ]

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