Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Wine for New Years - a Lemon Cohen CSi5M

Greet the new year with Jesus
Said the sign upon the door
But I didn't have enough drink for Him
So I went to buy some more.

The off-license could not advise me
Whether it was Red or White, He'd desire
So I got one of each and a Rose
Just in case he brought the choir.

For some wine goes best with Wedding Cake
And some best with Funeral lillies
So I swapped the Wine of Canaan
For the Wine of Sainsburys.

No-one who's drunk the old wine
Straight away desires the new
Though it comes in new bottles,
It's for when the old wine's through.

So raise a toast to the old year,
In the old wines that it decants
And greet the new one with Jesus
and hope, you've the wine He wants.

I wish, I believed that Jesus
Would share a glass of Wine
So the workers in the vineyard
Wouldn't think they'd wasted time.

The old year is a greybeard
While Jesus's beard is brown
And Judas was a redhead
And passed the wine around.

So Greet the year with Jesus
Who's blood is in the wine
But get the new wine in advance
So you won't wait in line.

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