Thursday, September 22, 2011

Revenge ABC

A is for Arsenic best in a bun
B is for bloody dismembering fun
C is for clicking the catch on a gun
D is Deadly and Venomous Snakes
E for Erasing my early mistakes
F for First Finding Five Fathomless Lakes
G is for Grinding my teeth til they bleed
H is for hanging which may spill dark seed
I is Insanity (the plea I may need)
J is for Jettisoning you from a plane
K's for Killing quite simply and plain
L's for living leeches let into your brain
M is for mutagens left in the stew
N is for Nuclear overkill too
O is for oxygen without which you're blue
P's pretty poisons in purple and pink
Q is the quizzical pause on the brink
R is the razor in the treacherous rink
S is the sorrow I'll fake when you're dead
T is the tears I'll be careful to shed
U's the umbella 'tip' sheathed now in lead
V is vile vengence, the viler the better
Ws for water, the drowningest letter
X for X-ray laser (techno-go-getter)
Y is for yoghurt, that's really plague treats
Z is for zealously hiding these tweets.....oops

Simon BJ

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