Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simile And The World Similes With You.

Like the arrow that Robin's arrow splits
Like the spitton that just avoids the spits
Like the hawk that dives and misses every chicken
Like the child at the smallpox party who won't sicken
Like the explorer who's lost parallel to the trail
Like the alleged japanese scientist with no whale
Like the cornered character who's thumb hasn't a pie
Like the pig who doesn't return to his sty.
Like the man who sees true love alight on others
Like the eighth gal stood up by the seven brothers
Like the spiral downward circle to the drain
Like the fear that something's gone wrong with my brain
Like the patagonian skin that cheered up Chatwin
Like the worry that they killed her for a hat pin
Like the dreadful dying stutter of the coldfish in the gutter
Like the mutter that you utter when the toast is out of butter
Like the thing that is exactly how I feel.

Simon BJ

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