Monday, May 09, 2011

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Hello, Atlantic Books? Do you have "Instances of Human Predation By Great Whites"? You Do! Thanks! My name? It's Sharkley: G. W. Sharkley.

After a period of managing alternate-slovakian empires, Cadet Thomas Spindle was cashiered out of the Time Patrol with a czech-herd history.

Effusive: prone to swearing. #UED
Transformative : Like a giant robot #UED

#cablenowandnext Through The Wormhoke Bear Gyrlls : Born Survivor (Discovery Channel+1) Survive nanospagettifation Mr Smug. 07 May 2011 00:32:56

Subsistance: Diagnosis of Formicidae beneath a closed tissue sac. #UED

Of course in those days it wasn't about marketing. It was all subsistance in those days!

Endorse: last stallion in the parade. #UED

King P2P
The Matrex Wives Of Winsor
Alls Well That E-mails Well
"Titus Android OS" [Paul Ebbs]
Peripherals Prince of Tyre
A Midsummer Night's Stream

#cablenowandnext Primeval Jonathan Creek "Ug, go in hollow tree and Ug killed by bear on hill, Ug Twins!" (Watch) 12:29 AM May 6th

Semantics: Observe masculine involuntary spasms #UED

Simon BJ

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