Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Sacred Rights

Before the incident: visiting famous periods of parahistory, backed by the hyper technology of our benign and supreme future: knowing that their translation, sanitation, health, safety and return were Absolutely Guaranteed, was one of the Sacred Rights we provided to all Perfect Victims who wished to avail themselves of it. In this as in all things their Rights were absolute.

Even those carrying the Enhanced Children of Quetzalchoatl were permitted to take their sacred seed through the lesser ages before they and their Demigod offspring were returned to their Divine Father, and their Hearts were Exhalted on the Pyramids of Tenochtitlan the Second. A millenia of such deaths binding our people forever to The Gods.

In the whole of paratime only one such child failed to be brought back to our timeline by its Proud Vessel, after a series of events for which I was responsible. Although at my command Hyper Extraction Retriever Operation Drones sanctioned all children in the local area the child with all its theotropic characteristics intact survived to anomalous adulthood unsanctified by Sanctioned Sacrifice, its reality-weight sufficient to create a maximal hinge in that universe, skewing it at over 40 degrees to Acolhuas-Tepanecs historicity, and forever beyond our translation-noosphere.

One such event in all space-time is clearly too many. It is with regret that I
Joseeph Hueyi Tlatoani Moctezuma XXII, offer my breast to the obsidian knife of The Corrective Guild Of The Dark Mirror knowing that my heart is too black to be exhalted and that no god will ever be exhalted by my life.

Simon BJ

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