Monday, December 06, 2010

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Terracotta: Basket for evil baby
Feedback: Vomiting
Microbes: Ornate dress of trad radio DJs
Monopolise: look for single magnetic charges predicted by quantum mechanics.
Overheads: cricket fans
Griffin: What "Not The 9 O'clock News" had.
Minotaur: small rip in fabric
Hypothetical: dislike of injections
Shiney: Affliction incompatible with miniskirts.
Morass: getting additional donkeys.
Wicket: A small wick.
Penrith: Playing with the very idea of pens.
Gangreen: Scottish decision to adopt ecofriendly policies.
Pixelated: (a) really happy to get your photos back, (b) hindered in travels by imps.
Genuflect: Really, really flecked.
Mentoring: Three Men In A Boat, also Three Men On The Bummel
Puma: mother needs to purchase deodorant
Guestimate: visitor you really get on with
Coastal: enclosed structure within a barn for the housing of female cattle.
Solipsist: Extreme cold sores
Colloseum: Museum of the Big
Progressed: 70s rockers pause for breath.
Progress: female concept album performer
Collostomy: very large chldren's toy.
Prefix: having to score the shit
Platitude: savaged by a duck billed monotreme.
Intransigence: toilet on a train for men.
Plinth: unit of measurement (length of one imperial pin).
Sprinkle: Dealing with winter overfertility
Plasma: Female genus loci
Chappati: Gay get-together
Claustrophe: fear of Father Christmas
Orange: place in a harmonious or regular pattern
Carapace : what a nuclear two car family has.
Simmering: Simon goes swimming
Carapace: Same speed as the preCrisis Supergirl
Coriander: fan of two largest UK soap operas
Awkward: RSPCB hospital
Collegin: going into higher education

#cablenowandnext "Movies Greatest Mistakes: Scary Movie 4" - fair comment there!
"Lock up bats!" Five USA - Is the Caped Crusader really imprisoned?
"The Last Samuri Traffic Cops" Watch+1 - when they take out their notepad they never replace it before issuing a ticket.
"Peter Andre - the next chapter : the jacket" ITV2 - future mental health prediction...
"How not to live your life: being human" BBC3 - many a true word...

#songparallels "Now from Washington to Oregan you can hear the factories hum, makin' chome and makin' mangenese and Red Plutonium."

#toptenthingstobaselifechemistry on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosporus, arsenic, silicon, lego, pipecleaners, lint.

'No MP should ever abstain in Parliament" Drunken MP bastards again! #bbcqst
Governments to stop binge drinking. About time: The drunken MP bastards.

Doctor Quinine Medicine Woman: she was a tonic.

My dream of hosting the 2018 World Cup is over, just as well I have a very small house, and the dancing bears dressed as cakes wouldn't fit.

"I see Theresa May, Red Roses too" #politicalbalancedfirstdraftsofsongs

Like cicadas swarming human intelligence emerges every million years for a scant four thousand or so years, then falters. #hypotheticaltruth

"Eat prey,love" the heartwarming book of a northern vampire matriarch's advice to her young courtier.

#changingcableprogramsbyoneletter "The world of P K D" Channel One - precogs and replicants contend with the empathic at poker.

A blurb in the mind is worth two on the book #Poorverbs
A chain is only as strong as the fucking big bolt its attached to. #Poorverbs
A cat may look at a King, nine times. #Poorverbs
If the cap fits pregnancy may be prevented #Poorverbs
Better a dead lion than a live one in the room with you #Poorverbs
It's poor 1960s computer scientist that blames his spools. #Poorverbs
A bird in the hand is a bit of a feel #Poorverbs

Giving Tom Hanks a newt. #newthanksgivingtradition #misunderstoodmemes

After the destruction of the Twin Bowers by anti-fay terrorists: the morality of the War Against Iron, remains a hot topic in fairy circles.

SF is an alien meme planted to destroy investment in simple space flight by generation of a sense of meh.

After quitting evil-doing Dick Dastardly eventually opened his own auto-dealerships specialising in car-gear boxes: "ex-Villain's Clutches".

While my guitar gently weeps, and my drum kit slams the door shut and goes to get drunk #songmetaphorsextended

Allegations that cervical cancer tests were faked to save money were denied by Evil Hospital yesterday as a smear campaign.

#lesseroldone Nylathaminuteotep: The Stand-Up Chaos.
#lesseroldones Shrub-Niggurath : The dark goat of the herbateous border.
#lesseroldones The King In Velcro.

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