Monday, November 22, 2010

Moon Poem


by: Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)

How sweet the silver Moon's pale ray,
Falls trembling on the distant bay,
O'er which the breezes sigh no more,
Nor billows lash the sounding shore.
Say, do the eyes of those I love,
Behold thee as thou soar'st above,
Lonely, majestic and serene,
The calm and placid evening's Queen?
Say, if upon thy peaceful breast,
Departed spirits find their rest,
For who would wish a fairer home,
Than in that bright, refulgent dome?


By Aleph-en-usk (Epoch of the Red Mist – Epoch of the Black Fear)

How strange and how unlike, the silver lands
The light that falls in coloured bands
Which only science-bred eyes discern
And nerves rethreaded can then turn
To lights that flash within the brain
As pheromones from Queen’s domaine
Pierce with the fungi’s luminous fire
The fragile drones with heaven’s desire.
If we were still a lesser kind
Without the great and central mind,
Would we not place in that ‘blue-green’
The unthought, mystic, and unseen?

Simon Bucher-Jones


Anonymous said...

Shocked with how good your song was. To me, sounded like a mellowed-out Mogwai playing a relatively unplugged Jesu cover. This is definitely a compliment.


Site Owner said...

I just write the lyrics and sing, and supply a 'basic tune' all credit for the orchestration and musicality must go to my collaborator!

Simon "Lemon Cohen" BJ