Thursday, September 09, 2010

Persphone IV: Spring

Persephone IV: Spring

And then, in earth’s fond spring, awkward my anguish
Argument and anger, fire-leaf between us
Are we too strong to stay? To mawkishly languish
A gape for eros, but must turn against Venus?

All earth’s summer I will mourn, yet here I demand it
As if I sought to claim all pain from my sowing, I
Act to drive you from me, Hades high-handed!
Any tears that we shed, then at your going, I

Acknowledge as my work: to me the cold-guilt.
Alpine the atmosphere, cold mist from mouths’ tumbling
Autumn to winter turns, farewells, frowning, fumbling.
Acid on tongue to hide (but I hope that you spied)
All that I felt inside,
As with returning tide, to earth you with Charon glide, Hades’ heart humbling.

Almost if I had known, I would have lived alone, what good resulted from
Any of this affair: abduction, pomegranites, seasons’ separations
Aches hard as ice ahead, Joys in sunlight now dead.
Atropos, Lachesis, and Clotho, your sly weaving led,
Again to this empty bed, and yet, and yet, I shed,
Agate-tears, blankly, to see Persephone bear, from Hades’ new despair, Spring’s reparations.

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