Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Persephone II: Autumn

Soon will I see her, as your autumn wanes
Still I stay silent, lest I weep,
Sobbing becomes not Hades' silent fanes,
Slow though the days all creep,
Soft, silk, and tardy
Snail-slow, fall passes.
Shock-sudden it should sear,
Singe autumn leaves with fear in their tall masses.

Set in the autumn night,
Silvered fame burning
Stars sing like Orpheus, who at his turning,
Sideways on Hades' Stair
Stumbling realised that he
So lost Eurydice.
So seasons pass, like grief,
Slipping subtly, as harpist's harmony, as lost-belief.

Splendid 'sephone's song
Sung in the autumn nights
Sinking down cthon's caves,
Snaking past Styx's waves,
Sounding of mortal staves,
Singing me her sights.

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