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Microstories 7th May 2010 to 26th August 2010

Who said Day-time TV had to be dull? Dr Fanshaw-Morton author of Pacifying The Brute Masses Through Controlled Repetition Of Inanity (1953).

Mostalgia: condition of one who complains that most things aren't what they were.

A number of omniscients today complained at the BBC's policy of showing dramas for the first time: 'they have no novelty but lack nostalgia'

The First Spouse Michelle attended President Osmina's opening of the first legal bi-sex marriage chapel in DC #altherstories.

Necromentators: specialists in post-morteum mediated autobiography. See also Narcrators: specialists in drug-mediated omniscience.

Monsters Of Filmland #3: The Limelight Hog: Insinuates self into shot wherever possible, putting others to flight. Colouring envious.

Famous Monsters Of Filmland #2: The Dullovore; eats space-time containing any unfamous buildings to facilitate effective location shooting.

Famous Monsters Of Filmland #1 The Duck-billed Plottingpus: attends script conferences disguised in humanskin, quacks to hide holes in plot. 21 August 2010

"Frank Sinatra reflecting God": reaction from deflected Theons cause of spinning in grave, say top Priest-Scientists.

Following her part in developing the Atomic Womb, J. Roberta Oppenheimer wrote "Lo, I am become Kali Ma: Mother of Worlds."

Following previous discovery of paleocomputing the media has responded by naming all such stoneage mathematics technology: "the flinternet".

#sfstorymadebynowandnextcablechannel Alibi + 1 Wed 11 Aug 23 23:35 GMT "Waking the Dead Silent Witness" aka Necromancer Cop. 11 August 2010

#sfstoriesmadebynowandnextcablechannel Five USA + 1 "Replicant Sons of Anarchy". Wed 11 Aug 23:15 GMT 11 August 2010

#literaryclassicsinonesentence It's still raining on the 120 day so once again they had to make their own entertainment.

#uptownkrell The Monster From The Super-Ego

Spirit Level: floor 3 in the Strict No-Mixing Of Drinks Club. Above the Beer Garden and the Wine Cellar, below the Liqueur Attic.


Lost jewelry returned to owner's fireside: falls in.

Lucia on top, Mapp second.

School children get out of control on island trip, glasses get broken, tears and possible sacrifces result.

Sea Captain fixates on killing rare white endangered animal, I alone survived to tell ye.

Conanmitment: Crom! Conan leave!

Abondonment: after 007 leaves.

Disclaimer I personally have no strong feelings about Alex Ferguson opinions offered are of two friends of mine: #VIZTOPTIPS Undecided whether a retiring Alex Ferguson should play Taggart or drown in dog turds? Pitch TAGGART : THE TURD VAT MURDERS.

Life is like a lottery, run by randomly selected secret machines. #paranoidanalogies

Pizzacoma: Less successful pharmacopizza than the best selling pizzaconfidence, pizzaorgasm, and pizzapizzaz. On the other hand: legal.

#iGetsoMadWhen 22nd C Apple product designed to re-invigour amygdala and deliver top quality 'anger' to emotion-impared #misunderstoodmenes

Heather Mills: where heather was spun into the tartan bonnets of the Greater Scottish Empire under Queen Mab, and her consort Albino. (Heather Mills suggested by PaulEbbs)

I'm holding out for the iRobot, and the inevitable law suit from the estate of the late Isaac Asimov.

"When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's an optical illusion often reported in the tropics but believed to be psychological"

Time war casualties incurred as precently as tomorrow are now precovering a month ago for predeployment today. #timewar #tomorrowsdespatches

#dangerousfutureweaponsthatarealsotonguetwisters The Mime-meme-mine, The Me-me-me-meme-mine, the Mime-me-me-me-meme-mine.

"When you walk through the garden you gotta watch your back" #gardenersquestiontime #triffidwatch

To much biogotry is excused as pathology, if someone hates merfolk: it's simply not an excuse for them to claim to be lack toes intolerant.

#filminprovedbychangingactorsnamebydeletingoneletter "Get Smart" remake of 60s spy-spoof: Max is threatened by a mystical giant arabic bird. "Race To Witch Mountain" two psychic children protected by mystical giant arabic bird.

Stone-cold Jane Austen: "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a wrestler in contention for a title must be in need of a bitchsmackin"

"Google latitude" not minding if an online review gets your name wrong provided its generally positive. 24 July 2010

Is Black Medicine the Black Projects part of the NHS, where we 'blew' the deficit on our army of approx 200,000,000 bionic men?

You need braintweet(C) the new cranial uploader. Only £2.99 Rude stream of consciousness editor add-on £300.74

#raredogs The mudhound, the hamburger dog, the aichoo, the flasher (aka the Mac Russle Terrier), the bareknuckler, the leave-it-over-therer. 23 July 2010

#MeAtschool Had to write out 'sirloin is not brisket' 200 times #misunderstoodmemes

#chegwin successful move in game of cheg: the 'A' player is in 'mot' and can not progress laterally, the red squares are mired, or gruntled.

#Zodiacfacts He was the most successful captain of the Fireball XL fleet #misunderstoodmemes

#lessermonsters atheistzila, bagfoot, the abdominal snowman, the notyeti, the goatfluffer, the nonicorn, the whorewolf, the incredible hump.

It is always irrational to believe the universe smaller, colder, crueller or less marvellous - even if it's an unproven but popular thesis.

It is never irrational to believe in something that makes the universe, bigger, bolder, kind, or more wonderful - even if evidence is 'out'.

Ground level depression: 'the glum', 'the gloomy', 'the gutted', 'the grim', 'the ground-down', 'the ghastly', 'the gulled' and 'the grave'.

Most likely to phase-change to sentience in order: "the internet", "a big single computer", "the market", "swamp ooze", "the conservatives".

"the market" becomes sentient and demands proper pay for sorting out everything then promptly collapses upset about 'inflationary pressure'.

All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Samantha and Sven have been assigned. #sapphireandsteel #isihac

#collectivenouns #revisedpun 'An embarassment of itches'
'An archer of plaigerisms' 'A reprise of deja vues', 'A hatstand of non sequiturs', 'A vimto of sick dyslexics'. 'A rash of foolhardinesses'
'A renege of election promises' 'A remainder of celeb autobiographies'
'A sadness of departures'.

Attempting to recover his past lives, Bob discovered all his tics, twitches, fears and phobias related to his future life as God-Emperor Gx.
He was however later discovered to be lying, as all his psychological conditions actually arose from his future life as a humble morgtender.

New to #BBC Pies & Prejudice, Jane Austen's Lizzy reimagined as the owner of a Pie & Eels Stall in NOW London.

New to #BBC, the team from New Tricks solve crimes around the country from a camper van in ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW.

Topplegangers: BBC1 show in which quasiclones of presenters compete to see who can secretly kill and replace the original genetic templates.

"One's Company" and "The Odd Single" Brad is annoyed to discover his new square, oldster, flatmate is him.

The Polanski Defense, the King buggers the opposing Queen's pawn and hides on another board for 40 years.

In the beginning was the Mew, and the Mew was Feed Me, and the Bowl was Filled by The Servants of The Mew #Catgospels

#Predators 'Fill in this questionaire and maybe I'll consider dating you" #missunderstoodmemes

#notmything My Thing Has Six Fingers #missunderstoodmemes

#wakemeupwhen I always fall asleep in time machines #missunderstoodmemes

"It's taste was meagre and hollow but crisp" said noted Snark Critic Michael Winner today, at the Bathing Machine Bistro & Grill.

Being someone's first love is great: being someone's last goes beyond great, and indeed would be perfect but for the murdering.

It is a terrible thing for fall into the paws of the Living Dog #Catgospels #KitteninYellow

Gerkin architect leaves House of Lords, Salad sculptor, Tomato mime, and Avocardo builder considering their positions #bbcnews

Roquette Ronin Hood, the samuri outlaw salad king. (Ronin Hood, devised by Philip Purser-Hallard).

Rise in sales of 'thick' sporrans, broadswords, X bling, and 'The Idiot's Guide To Clarity of Understanding' attributed to rogue Tullipaths.

Cynically *every life* ends with the opposite of what you wanted, and then dying. Royals just get scrutiny and historians.

The discovery of the #sarcasmon patricle by Professor Saul Arcasm, was for some reason, slow to be believed by the online science community. On the other hand his noted Russian rival Karl Sarcasmoff, was taken remarkable seriously given his trenchant usage of bitter ironic asides.

After the hot wars and the cold wars, came the hard wars and the soft wars: between the lean and the obese, between the naked and the wired.

#computingmissingletter 'sotware' only functions when user drunk, 'oftware' only functions when resold under license.

Meddle not in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and right kinky.

"X Men forced to disband when telepathy found to be placebo effect. - I feel so silly Professor Pavier (formerly 'X') stated in interviews."

Santa Claus Vs The Martin Amis #swapwordsinfilmsforMartinAmis #paticularlymartians

#swapwordinfilmwithmartinamis : I married a Martin Amis, I married a Martin Amis from Outer Space.

Dettol is very keen to stop piracy. #Dettolfilms 'The Bleach' 'Bleach Party Booglaloo', 'Domestos Violence'.

Following discovery that CO2 level go up when lying: colgate markets truthpaste.

Palimpsest:friends,who are unknown to them related,who get it on.

Prowess: figurehead

#illomenedcircusanimals The Seventh Seal, Smilely The Friendly Tiger, Huffo-Buffo the Clown-toad, and Clumbso the Elephant.

#lesserdinosaurs Tri-tri-tri-again-citops : the little dinosaur who could.

Phaeochromocytoma or cheating suspected in sports as Heart of Midlothian are discovered to be using a pacemaker and injections of adrenalin.

Walking dead fans of Haiti Wednesday were involved in a tussle with Drac City. The Drac stated "they're going home in an zombi ambi-trance"

#bardporn King Leer. The Temp's Best. Much To Do With Everything. Winter's Tail. Muck Beth. Tight Arse Androgenous. Two gentlemen of Verona & One Cup.

After leaving Cobb was sent to a deep undercover role within the UK establishment. Sardonically he took the name Hacker. #inthevillage.

If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 68 seconds worth of distance run you're at 98% of C and an observer's checking out your course!

#fakesexact "At fakes exact: we can tell you, that these are exactly fake".

#fakesexacts 'wet cornering', 'tweeting the blackberry', 'ducking for grapples', 'bridegrooming'.

#fakesextext Weebles in Furs, The story of Uh, Fear of Filing, 120 Days in Morden, The Joy of Socks, Lady Loverlies Chatter.

#failedproducts "I can't bereave it's not butter" the oily unction for all those stuck crematoria conveyor-belt moments.

Ministry Of Family Genetics (MiniKin)

Big Brother's government has always included MiniLove, MiniPops, MiniCars, MiniDosh, MiniHS, MiniEU, MiniKin, MiniPow, MiniNet, and MiniPoo.

An area of roughly 100 acres a year has been razed. Just to put a Tigger in your tanks.

Big Brother's government has always included MiniLove, MiniTrue, MiniPax, MiniDosh, MiniHS, MiniEU, MiniKids, MiniPow, MiniNet, and MiniPoo.

Hitler's interest sent the nazis scouring the records of 19th biologists until he could fulfil his boasts that 'the Moreau' belonged to me.

The best series of books about a mysterious aristocratic Detective, who's a stallion: #CampiontheWonderHorse

#EternalChampionthewonderhorse : The Prancers at The End of Time.

#lesserbooks #woehouse Jeeves In The Moffing. Can Jeeves extricate Bertie from his miscasting as Grand Moff Tarkin by his Aunt Lucas.

During the Cold Date: The 'Mutually Assured Delight' doctrine proved to be an insufficient preventative to the premature Orgasm Bomb strike.

The decision of the BBC to remake the series of bodice-rippers: Poldark was decried by critics who always regarded it as a cornish pastiche.

The alien subiminal message was only discovered when frequency analysis, and decoding, was applied to the usage of the word 'like' by teens.

Following Lancelot, competative nomative determinism led to the appearance at Camelot of Sir Greatsword, Sir Broadshield and Sir Grosspenis.

#riversongprequels Waited in all day for the package from Pandorica deliveries. Bloody timecrack mail-order. (#riversongprequels meme devised
Philip Purser-Hallard).

A 'truce' football game between Heaven and Hell, ends when the infernal powers (indwelling the bodies of dead footballers) lose possession.

#missingletterSFintvnews BBC1 07:18 Considering protests about the potential introduction of geneticaly modified cops.

U#ExtremeIroning "the board goes out of the plane first, can J Bond (UK) catch it in free fall, and press his suit with Olga Stymzetin (RUS).

#UruVsFra : The mystical metal of which Thor's hammer is made is holding up well as the Francium bombardment half-lifes down to a mere bim.

Following MI5's sucess in placing a hyperspy personality into various cloned bodies: we hope to reduce UK debts by selling Government Bonds.

#lesserdoctorwho "The Horns Of Simon". "The Tin Diorama" "Underfelt", "The Peas Of Marinus" "U2 of The Daleks" "

#Hypermythbusters "Well we managed to divide the firmament in two days, but this leaves us very little time to worldbuild and engineer life".

The Marine code : Unit, Corp, Country. Pledge of honour or *really* ambitious programme of sexual conquest?

Tired of Angelcake or Devil's food cake? Try Chef Mucho Deiwary's famous patent Agnosticakes: you won't be entirely sure how good they are!

Most dreadful of the Shinigami Books is of course the Deathnote but the Hiccupnote, Acidrefluxnote, and Painfuldrystoolnote are pretty evil.

#badtech "The Wee". Flys out of your hand, stains the sofa, and doesn't actually control anything.

#VizTopTips Staff your treasure protecting labyrinth with red-eyed kittens with poisoned claws: lethal and they also ball up a hero's string.

Daedalus, Icarus's dad, also made the first all sugar submarine, the ice volcano suit, and the knitted string'o'sausages anti-minotaur vest.

Fact Checkers: game played by trainee Gods working up to Reality Chess. Laws move across space, take by encompassing as Einstein to Newton.

If as older Big Bang Theories hypothesized all things come from a primal egg: is this an omnilette?

#inthevillage No 2 secretly longs for No 6 to whisper that he only retired so they'd bring him to the Green Dome for snuggly pyjama parties.

Scrooge McDuck's portfolio is diversifying into sciences: Duckminsterfullerenes, the Large Hadrosaur Collider, Free Range Ylem, Duck Matter.

People say JFK killed the hat for men but ironically (hat-felt was vital to the US nuclear weapons programme) it was the Manhattan Project.

"Quantum Entrianglement" any use of entanglement teleportation to duplicate a person for the purpose of relationship cheating.

Celestial City News: Egyptian God of Wisdom storms out of DeiCosta when his requested 'signature' coffee is served frothy due to mishearing.

Stanley Holloway : Football commentry (tweets)...

This bloke started playing at forty: he weren't sure what a penalty was / he could bare kick a ball without takin a fall ...but he played on regardless because / you have to put your best foot forward, no matter if it's in footy boot...And t'irony was when it came to the last it were down't a penalty shoot...He didn't know what he were doin' he had his eyes screwed shut and all / but he sucked in his chest and he took a deep gulp And he fair won the game, on't that ball.

Wonka-Bucket has now brought in the triple-chocolate-hazard specialist divers from the first war in the Umpa Gulf: operation Dessert Storm.

The Dulx believe that life ends with expulsion from the womb. Beyond:
a mad afterlife in which only drawn out rituals can create real being.

Mid-death crisis:after thirty to forty years manifesting in a single enclosed locus, many ghosts hanker after a more free-roaming deathform.

Confusing #bgt with #bsg, the new twitter-equipped Cylons were voted best new-wave technoband since 7 Of 9 came in second on New Interfaces.

Postexistential angst:the leading cause of self-exorcism in male spectres dead for between eighteen and twenty years. What help can we give?

Wonka-Bucket shares hit an all time low due to chocolate-pipeline rupture in the Umpa Gulf. Firing marshmallows into gap so far unsucessful.

News from the forthcoming 2012 sex-olympics. Has training already hit snag for the England team? We ask their newly appointed vice captain.

Batman vs the Joker episode made by what's on now and next on cable: "Pranked Street Fighter"

Cosmological sports show made by what's on now and next on cable "Stunt Stars : Raging Planet"

v low budget SF stories made by what's on now and next on cable channels - "Transmorphers: Fall of Man : The Chair"

Owing to a TV accident with a time machine the first talent show recorded took place at Arthur's Court: Gawaine and the Hughie Greene Night.

Only when you can truely be nostalgic for the last microsecond before the ungraspable present will you achieve enlightenment.

The CIA invested much cash in remote viewers but even the most successful psychics with this power mostly found them down the sofa cushions.

Assisting a friend to name a cartoon avatar : "Egyptian Cartoonche?" "Toontyfroonty", "Countess De La Toon", oooh wait...."Toonella De Vril".

#lessercryptics "I am the alfalfa and the omega-3."

#lesserbooks Women are from Wallachia, Men from Moldovia. 27 May 2010

Therapists tell us children can't be put into convenient little boxes, but have they seen the new flex-o-box with airholes and flavour foam? 26 May 2010

Chiral molecules were thought to be levorotary (L) or dextro (D) until the stable (S) midstate was postulated. God denies any LSD reference. 26 May 2010

The plebisitegeist only enters on invite unlike the aristocratic vampire it requires the free votes of every occupant. It is almost extinct. 25 May 2010

#songprequels 'Hey, you reckon we should take this zombie, what with this being a hippy trail and the combie being nigh fried' (Men at Work) 24 May 2010

The polterzeitgeist will only throw around things that are uniquely invested with the spirit of the moment. It is never found in old places. 24 May 2010

The parasitegeist attaches itself to the zeitgeist, and sucks out its available energy. The decades with it become listless and unmemorable. 24 May 2010

Angels in America now proved to be behind UFO abductions. Well, why did you think a country full of higher entities of being would be safer? 24 May 2010

#fermisolutions Ants are aliens: complacent hive minds that ignore us as essentially irrelevant to their wider transgalactic communications. 24 May 2010

#proverbsthatdonotapplytonuclearwar "Better Late Than Never" 21 May 2010

#fermisolutions Aliens' ecological ethics have resulted in the most hyperadvanced species adopting a policy of minimal 'reality-footprints'. 20 May 2010

#ifaddswereliterallytrue "I didn't start growing until I joined the army" That's why I started service in the Royal Fetus Reserve Regiment. 20 May 2010

#lesserbooks "It should happen to a Vet", "Several creatures in the middle sizes", (James Herriot)
#lesserbooks #thekinginyellow "The Kink In Yellow", (Robert Chambers, Thomas Caistigne)
#lesserbooks "Anna Verucca", "Bungo Toe-nails", "Flings to Come", "Feud of The Gods" (H G Wells) 20 May 2010

#firstdateturnoffs North of Arkham, where the road bends past Dean's Corners lies a narrow track leading to the decaying hamlet of Dunwich. 20 May 2010

#inthevillage When No 2 goes to sleep, they all go to sleep even No 6 is tucked up in bed under hypnotic lights. [Oliver Postgate is No 1!] 20 May 2010

"The victim was poisoned with venom extracted from the elbow glands of the slow loris" "Really, Holmes?" "April fool Watson!" 20 May 2010

#songprequels "Get those lasers set up in the jungle damn it" (Paul Simon) 20 May 2010

#songprequels "Applying for a job in the coal mining industry" (Desmond Decker and the Eighties). 20 May 2010

Trapphic Physics...

And of course (like America) gossipissimum, blackgrail, rudestone, splinth, and attoms have often been discovered but immediately hushed up.

Also: mirror-matter, mimesisite, impressionium, anystone, pouron, flawtz, septessence, and appearbehindyou-um are hard to successfully spot.

Difficult to detect particles/state include: ghostinos, fakeons, gnurks, vector insidions, uncle-matter, cosmic-yarn, plectrons, and hiders.

When Harold married all his dreams came true. His teeth fell out, he found himself naked in an exam, and a purple horse ate his aunt's boot. 17 May 2010

What will we do when the Millenium and 2012 have passed with only the average level of Revelation? Should we not now define Apocalypse When? 17 May 2010

The discovery that recessions are caused by time travellers withdrawing savings just before each crash made passing debt to the future justifiable. 17 May 2010

For centuries youth-vampires have moved among us, we have rationalised their predations as 'aging' a process that actually ends at puberty. 16 May 2010

Raintown: lies in a microclimate, in its valley it's always Noir. The Rain falls so acid it etches the windows of each of its thousand bars. 16 May 2010

Sowing the dragon's teeth bought forth armed skeletons: Medea's attempts at a theory of Unatural Selection failed with her first experiment. 16 May 2010

Our universe is merely the delivery mechanism for an infinitely long piece of code that 'runs' Heaven. The numeric equivalent is Pi. 16 May 2010

#lesserbooks 'The Good Delusion' (Dawkins)
#lesserbooks 'Doctor Who In A Hohum Adventure With The Thals' (David Whitaker)
#lesserbooks 'Obvious Facts About Lumbricus Terrestris' (Ludvig Prinn)
#lesserbooks The Niceronomicon (Abdul Al Hazrad) 16 May 2010

Cthulhu-deniers continue to absolve The Rising and its aftermath from any major part in humanity's 'Flight to the comfort of a New Dark Age.' 16 May 2010

#lesserbooks 'Loaf In A Time Of Cholera', 'Unchronicled Surprise Death', 'A Day With Few Visitors' (Gabriel Garcia Marquez) 16 May 2010.

#songprequels '101.10' (Metropolis: the Musical) 16 May 2010

#lesserbooks 'Book of The Darned', 'Nearlynew Lands', 'Oh', 'Mild Talents' (Charles Fort)
#lesserbooks "Unmissable Cities", "If On A Winters Night I Stayed Put", "Croydoncomics", "The Toilet Cubical of Crossed Destinies" (Calvino) 16 May 2010
#lesserbooks "A universal history of infancy", "The Book Of Sandcastles" (Borges)
#lesserpoetry #lesserbooks "The Ruby Cat" (Omar Khayyam)
#lesserbooks "Snakebite with Rosie" (Laurie Lee)
#lesserbooks "Second and Penultimate Men" (Stapledon)
#lesserbooks "Jeeves and the Futile Spirit." (P G Wodehouse) 15 May 2010

An alternative aquatic world trapphic scripture.

In the beginning was the flow and the flow was around Apoki, and was Apoki: and Apoki breathed out and the bubble was the great ocean world.

Now Apoki commanded the oceans to recede, because of Aquos's evil, and Norl to built a great Bowl, in which swam all fish after their kinds.

Lloha lead the dolphins from bondage, he descended into the abysmal deep: and Apoki inscribed the Law upon Lloha's Scales: that are Justice.


#songprequels "If the government ceases to be democratic and becomes a fascist state, I bet we'll all begin to mutate" (Blue Oyster Cult) 14 May 2010

#lesserbooks Last Men On The Moon, The Sleeper Turns Over, The Alarm Clock, Twinges To Come. Strongly Worded Diplomatic Note Of The Worlds, The Translucent Man, The Peninsula Of Doctor Moreau, Fast Food Of The Gods. The Two Stigmata of Palmer Weirdslightly, and Von Juntz's "Chatting About Cults" 13 May 2010

Poem In Three Trapphics

The memory of what was lust, the fleeting shadow of a gust from tomb mouths boarded gates of rust, is still less chill than all that's mist.
Time eats away at every love, the skeleton fist velvet touch inside the ironwork of the glove, soft as the sighing of a dove that's kissed.
Go softly as you walk on by, for every footstep stirs the dust, of other ages and of Gods fallen in eons gone to just the echo of a triste.

13 May 2010

#songprequels "Be careful of that antique Morning on the tettering pedistal. Remember how you broke the first one we had" (Hymn) 13 May 2010

#songprequels "Oh dear we've spilled some oil, and the gradient means it's increasingly pooling near the destination" (Simon and Garfunkel) 13 May 2010

#songprequels "Trying water from shallow wells, but not feeling really hydrated" (Emma Lou Harris) 13 May 2010

CERN ABBAS Giant now known to be early Druidic particle-accellerator, using "thrusting" sympathetic magick. The clue was always in the name. 13 May 2010

Cloning like any new science has had unintended consequences. Since 2023 'parallel killings' has passed 'serial homicide' in top 5 TV plots. 13 May 2010

The LaughUnderItsBreathCat (LUIB!) with its sote voice sniggering was easily forced out of the memepool by its more openly humourous rival. 11 May 2010

Nuclearfish Nuclearfish, here to grant your nuclear wish. Glowing so good upon your dish have to love it nuclear fish. Now in new Fake Hake. 11 May 2010

#songprequels 'Now Bill, if we sell you this one storey building the lease absolutely prohibits violence" (The Beatles) 12:58 AM May 10th

In many earth societies suicide is tacitly legal provided it is carried out over a sufficiently long timescale. The means:poor maintainence. 12:47 AM May 10th

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