Saturday, August 28, 2010

A few of my average things

Logos on T-shirts, and knitwear for kittens
Leftover sarnies and humourous spitoons
People who write that they've heard a cuckoo
These are all things I'm indifferent to.

Shows with a compair, Vox pops, and a ring-tone
Hair-gel infused with a sciency thing-mone
Paint that's just white with a hint of distress
These are all things about which I care less.

Cream colored phonies and diamante bracelets
Twitter and myspace and sundery facenets
(The people I like, such as, well mainly, you)
Its the net-whistly bits I'm indifferent too.

When the mails 's dull
When the cheese strings
When I'm got some spam,
I'm not really thinking of average things
Except I suppose I am.

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