Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Twitterer's Rubyiat: Part 3

[Part 3]

Seeking the meaning past the Darkening Door?
Some say “We’ll cast our crowns on golden floor”.
Some warn of hells, or say “oblivion’s all”
But none come back to tell us, what’s in store.

If world – as puzzle – we could freshly start
And separate those of the kindly heart
Could we not raise them up in every land?
So love could flow in streams to every part!

These words as they endure, when I am gone.
Will, still, stir the desires that they touch on.
Seek love, seek wine, seek everything that sings!
Each is your present good: the grave is none.

The moving finger’s writings will endure
Immutable, invulnerable, and sure
We can not change our fate: but know this hope
The finger’s meaning’s blessedly obscure!

A billion years, passed so this line could be.
And though those years were storm-tossed as the sea.
Their riot and tumult I did not endure,
As peaceful then, the next billion, to me.

Outside the glorious store, the people queue
To seize the bargains which are there, on view.
They urge the doors to open, knowing well
They’ll get no ‘Two for One’ when life is through.

When it slumps down, a puppet’s not just flung
Upon the bonfire, it can be restrung
How much more yet, the Drunken Choir of Songs
Will raise us, up again, when they’re re-sung.

Some say that without evil, plague, or dearth
We’d fail to value good’s inherent worth
The vile rich man’s excuse to fail to help
The lonely and the desperate of earth.

Better to find love once, in a sinful guise
In adulterous ways, or in whores' eyes.
Than to spend all one’s hours on knees in prayer,
And end with no love found, in sky or air.

They say that God is Great, but all who think,
Can see the flaws in man and nature’s stink:
Why then disease, decay, despair and death?
Did His Hand tremble, owing to the drink?

Simon BJ after Omar K.

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