Saturday, June 05, 2010

Shakespeare's Beowulf part 1

Know that in legend's days: Spear-Danes,
Declaimed the glory of their homeland's kings
How their Princes - of courage - far aclaimed
As, oft, Scyld Scefson, from enemies seized
The long mead-bench, and left terrified their kin.
The which was greater, for his weaker birth,
from foundling's crib, to the whale-road's waves,
'Til all to him submitted tributes golden
And on his brows sate kingship's crowned state,
The which to his son Beow he passed down
When at the norns decree his life was spilled.

Simon BJ


Ahmed Aldebrn Fasih said...

Bravo! I recently learned about OP (Shakespearean original pronunciation) and declaiming this, my favorite epic, in my no doubt atrocious OP is loads of fun!

Site Owner said...

Glad you like it, I'll post more!