Thursday, June 17, 2010

Robyn Hitchcock muses about Saturday's episode (spoilers)


Then I saw a box before me 'dorica.
It expanded as a plan did 'dorica.
And the Pan who blew the Pan flute, wiped his hoof
Upon the roof: Pandorica!

And when the box is opened 'dorica
Will we all cry eureka 'dorica?
Or will the thing inside prove just a donkey in the rain
That sprained its brain? : Pandorica!

There's a figure in a fixed chair 'dorica
And he's chained and masked and fixed there 'dorica.
And the look upon the bits you can see of his frozen face
Looks into space: Pandorica!

He's supposed to be this great threat 'dorica
When the door is left all open or ajar
But the way his hair is wavey looks uncertainly to me.
Quite like the sea: Pandorica!

I've heard from the preview 'dorica
Ian Levine thinks it's amazing 'dorica
And the thing we've been awaiting for the past 47 years
will dry our tears: Pandorica!

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