Monday, May 10, 2010

Song prequels from Twitter #songprequel II

"And you know I really got on best with Darkness, I hope we stay in touch" (Simon and Garfunkel)

" 'Don't look now but there's that stalker with a guitar' 'Jesus, is she looking at me?' 'Shit you looked' " (Taylor Swift)

"Honestly Justin, you will not find God in the Parking Lot, yah?" (British Sea Power)

"We'd all like to enrole for a War, preferably one fought with Our Minds" (Blue Oyster Cult)

"All though the end is a good way off, I'm glad that up til now I've been self-effacing" (Sinatra)

"You know eventually we'll have get these old fruit preserves out of this domicile" (Jeff Buckley et al)

"Once we've applied some axle grease and got this back on the road, the wheels will work." (Children's Trad)

"If you study medicine like a good boy I'll get you that silver hammer you wanted" (The Beatles)

"I bet we could get Mr Apollo to shift that Yew tree for you". (Bonzo Dog Doh-Dah Band)

"This big Yew tree, you've got here. You know it's going to have to go 'cos of the new church's foundations" (Johnny Cash)

"You know what's been done to death, stories of rich kids.." (Simon and Garfunkel)

"Now we're going to conduct some tests of your hearing..." (Les Miserables)

"Where do we want to go on this holiday then? Well I like cheese, and pickles." (Beautiful South)

"These two patients simple won't improve, ever, they may as well be cared for in the community" (Simon & Garfunkel)

"When you go down the shops, be sure to get me a genuine silk kimono, that's fireproofed" (Marillion)

"I suppose if we put the answers to many metaphysical questions on slips of paper in this wind machine" (Bob Dylan)

"Bah I'll prove no-one would be possessed by devils just for wearing a burning hat" (Crazy world of Arthur Brown)

"I hope I go into labour before the moon moves into the house of scorpio" (Cream)

"I'm going to fight the law, and I reckon' I'm a'goin' to win" (Johnny Cash et al)

"She keeps R. Whites' best lemonade in her Hermes 'Birkin' Bag" (Queen)

Simon BJ

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